Meet The Abunai! Staff – Dale

Aug 18, 2017 | Meet The Abunai! Staff

Editor’s foreword:
Welcome to ‘Meet The Abunai! Staff’, a column in which you’ll be introduced to our staff members. Staff members, they’re just like people! We’d love for you to get more acquainted with our dear volunteers and to accomplish this, they graciously agreed to be interviewed after I threatened them.

Brush up your Japanese and say yoroshiku onegai shimasu to one of the most kind and passionate guys you’ll ever meet: our dearly beloved vice-chairman Dale. He’s also our HR Manager, so you can add up compassionate and understanding to the many positive adjectives that describe him.

Meet Dale

Name: Dale “Wiseonekenobi” 
Age: Prime of his life (33)
Height: One of the short folk, measuring at 1,72
Blood type: O-
Abunai! Position: Vice-Chairman (Member of board)

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Dale, I’m also known as the “Wiseonekenobi” on the internet. Some people also recognize me as the former Chairman of a small, short lived but absolutely fabulous convention called “Chibicon” that was held in Utrecht and Houten that was held between 2007 and 2011.

These last few years, I have been working as a member of board at Abunai! and also working with our great staff as HR manager. On a daily basis (my life as a normie), I work as an electrical and telecommunications engineer at Arcadis. I also like to produce music and hang out and taste lots of great food and have a love for whisky.

What do you like most about (your position at) Abunai?
I love the diversity of the job, as a board member, you actually are involved in a lot of matters. The most important thing is to make sure our lovely foundation functions on a daily basis. This means meeting and discussing all matters that are relevant with other members of board and with our management team.

What I also love is our staff at Abunai! I work as a HR manager and am always there to help people out when I can and I like to encourage people, getting the best out of them.

What’s your favorite Abunai! memory?
The closing ceremony in 2016. We had a hard and long year of work, the moment I saw all my colleagues on the main stage and realized we did it again, it made me very proud to be a part of the team.

What is your alignment?
Lawful Evil. There is a little evil inside of me, but I like to play by the rules. Want to find out? Try me ?

Do you prefer weeb or otaku?
I would describe myself more as an admirer of Japanese culture, that likes Anime and games. (Let’s be honest, I’m a closet weeb) [Editor’s note: glad you’ve accepted the truth Dale.]

If you were a magical girl, what style would your outfit be and what would your power be?
Seeing as I’m a “Big black man with an attitude” just the mere thought of me as a magical girl makes me giggle *Tehee*. I guess i would get the most pink, and girly outfit out there (Like Lux’s guardian skin from league of legends) and make sure I would have a long… staff with a star on top to go with it. I would spread love and protect the weak! (If I could summon oreo’s and cookies with it that would also be great!).

Playstation, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo?
I believe in union, peace and understanding between the console peasants and the PC master race….

If you were to write a self-insert fic, to which anime/manga/game would you transport yourself to? And with which character would you start a relationship?
Easy: Write out Subaru from Re:Zero, insert myself, live happily ever after with Rem in the mountains! (Subaru.. I hate you..really).

Favorite karaoke song? Please note that you (may) have to  sing your answer at the convention 😉
Koi no Mikuru Densetsu” from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. My voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, but with this song… nothing to worry about ghehe.

If you could Cosplay as anyone regardless of your skill(s), who would you Cosplay as?
A strong independent magical girl with magical powers like Nanoha from “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha”.

What are you looking most forward to this Abunai?
The short lived vacation after it? Just kidding: Seeing it all come together again and being proud of everyone.

Anything else you’d like to share?
See me at the convention? Feed me cookies. See you all there!