Pixel Ronin Photo Studio

Would you like to have an epic, professional photo of your cosplay or convention look? Come and visit the Pixel Ronin Studio! Pixel Ronin is a team of professional photographers, costume designers, cosplayers and LARPers; all with a passion for anime, cosplay and costume design.

You may have spent hours working on your costume. That’s why it deserves to be captured with just as much love and passion as it was made❤️ After all, a portrait is special; especially one taken at a convention. You want to keep a fantastic memory of the convention and of the costume you have worked on for hours and days. Especially now that you can finally walk around in it. If you want a beautiful and professional portrait, the Pixel Ronin Photo Studio is the right place!

Pixel Ronin works with a fine-art set, but they can adjust the light on the spot to your costume and the story you want to tell! Their goal is to get you in frame as fantastic as possible.

Capture your magical memories of Abunai! 2024 with a professional portrait at the Pixel Ronin Photo Studio!

Convention opening hours
Friday: 17:00-21:00
Saturday: 10:00-19:00
Sunday: 10:00-15:00


Free-of-charge Photo Studio

Even better: having your pictures taken is free. All photos are delivered digitally in High Resolution directly during the convention.

You can of course also help the Pixel Ronin team cover costs (ensuring they will be back next year!) through their ‘Pay what you want’-option. They will also display a QR code you can scan to donate in the studio!