Abunai! Game Room

As usual, we at Abunai! host a cosy game room during the day where you can try out a variety of games. During the evening, we offer more co-op, fighting and party games so you can get to know your fellow gamer friends even better!

As a try-out for this year, we will also be hosting our own League of Legends and Valorant PC competitions!

Video Game Competitions by AFK e-sports

AFK Esports started out as an e-sports bar in Rotterdam, but has grown to be a common name in the Dutch e-sports scene! You might’ve seen them at Dutch Comic Con or First Look, hosting a variety of beloved games and competitions such as Tekken, Street Fighter and Super Smash. They’re thrilled to offer you a variety of competitions this year! 

Boomerang Fu Competition

DRAGON BALL FighterZ Competition

Mario Kart 8 Competition

Mortal Kombat 1 Competition

Puyo Puyo Tetris Competition

Street Fighter 6 Competition

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Competition

Tekken 8 Competition

DDR, Powered by DDR-EXP

Get moving with Dance Dance Revolution, an interactive dance game where you follow instructions set to music. The team at DDR-EXP brings the best music and atmosphere with them. From anime and J-Pop to rock, folk music, and memes, there’s plenty to choose from. Don’t hesitate to request a song and challenge your friends. If there’s an empty dance pad, just step up and join the game! If you’re unsure how it works, they’re there to help you.

DDR Light Competition

A DDR competition for beginners.

DDR Heavy Competition

A DDR competition for  DDR champions.