Dealer Room & Artist Alley Application

The Netherlands’ cheekiest convention isn’t complete without a sizeable area to make some cheeky purchases. 

Open on all three convention days, the Dealer Room and Artist Alley are two of the most popular areas at Abunai! with our visitors (specifically, ~9500 unique visitors in 2023!). They’re always on the lookout to acquire their favorite anime, manga, games, figurines, doujinshi, cosplay items, make-up, skincare and more. In short: as a vendor or dealer, the Abunai! Dealer Room and Artist Alley provide an ideal opportunity for you to maximise your sales!

Dealer Room

Spanning 1625m² in size and with a tall ceiling, our dealer room offers you the opportunity to showcase your merchandise to a large target crowd. 

Costs per table: € 140,- incl. VAT
Max. tables per client: 8

Artist Alley

Whether you specialise in prints or handmade crafts, our Artist Alley is the place to be to get in touch with potential customers!

Costs per table: € 110,- incl. VAT
Max. tables per client: 4

Further Information in our Guide

You can download the full Abunai! Dealer Room & Artist Alley Guide 2024 here. This guide contains all information, rules, pricing etc. If you have any furthers questions regarding our Dealer Room or Artist Alley not answered in this document or on this page, please contact

Practical information

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Setup times and opening hours (subject to change)

Setup times
Friday (Artist Alley): 10:00 – 16:00
Friday (Dealer Room): 10:00 – 17:30
Saturday (Both): 10:00 – 11:00
Sunday (Both): 10:00 – 11:00

Opening & closing hours
Friday (Artist Alley) 16:00 – 22:00
Friday (Dealer Room) 18:00 – 22:00
Saturday (Both) 11:00 – 19:00
Sunday (Both) 11:00 – 17:00

Sunday (Both): 17:01 – 20:00

We would like to stress the necessity of being self-reliant during the breakdown. Please make sure you are not understaffed. We ask that you have everything broken down and out of the dealer room and artist alley space by 20:00 as we work with volunteers that can help, but also need to be given the opportunity to still have dinner before the hotel restaurant closes.

No Access After Closing

To protect your merchandise, the Dealer Room and Artist Alley will be closed off to the public after the Dealer Room’s / Artist Alley’s closing time. Please know that you will therefore not be able to access the Dealer Room or Artist Alley after their closing hours. Make sure to take all necessities from behind your stand with you before we lock up (e.g. keys, medication, toiletries, extra pillows, cosplay outfits to wear in the evening, etc.).

Tables and chairs

Table Dimensions:
L x W x H: 130 x 65 x 80 CM

Additional table information:
If you wish to replace a table with a display (ie clotheing rack, display case) that is more suited for your merchandise, this is allowed. Please note that you still need to conform to the assigned dimensions of your spot.

Also note that you will have to bring your own shelving units, racks or displays. Abunai! cannot provide any. We do ask that you make a note of these plans when filling out our order forms, to ensure we can do our very best to assign a spot that suits your specific needs.

Chairs will be available during setup on friday. Please make sure to grab enough chairs, after the setup times on friday we will not be able to provide more chairs.

Power outlets

Power outlets will be available to share throughout the Dealer Room and Artist Alley. If you are planning to bring any appliances/machines that require a lot of electricity, please notify us in advance.


Parking is paid. You will be able to buy a weekend-long parking ticket at a discount from NH Koningshof’s reception desk. We recommend everybody to do this on Friday morning at the latest, before the hotel is bustling with convention guests. The weekend pass will allow you to leave and re-enter the grounds whenever, so you don’t have to stay at the hotel.

Assistance during the convention

In previous years the Dealer Information Point was manned during the opening hours of the Dealer Room. This year the Dealer Information point will work with their own opening hours, there will be people present during the starting and closing hours every day. If you need any help and no one is manning the point you can ask the Stewards to contact us.

Rules regarding specific products

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AI Art

We do not allow the sale of AI-generated art at Abunai! 2024. Any vendor caught selling or attempting to sell AI-generated art will be removed from our Dealer Room or Artist Alley without the right to a refund of tables, tickets or hotel rooms.

Bootleg products

Selling bootleg products on the Abunai! convention site is strictly forbidden. Unscheduled bootleg product checks will be held throughout the convention. If you sell bootleg products during an Abunai! convention, we will give you one warning as a courtesy. You will have to remove all offending counterfeit products from your stand and we will keep a strict eye on you.

Continuing to sell bootleg products e.g. the following day or the next edition will get you banned from ever selling at an Abunai! convention again. Note that if we catch you selling bootleg products during the convention after being given a warning, we will ask you to leave and you will not be refunded for your tables, tickets or hotel rooms.

Food and drinks

You are not allowed to sell food and drinks meant to be consumed directly, this is due to regulations set by NH Koningshof.

Grab/Mystery Bags

We allow the sale of grab/mystery bags at Abunai! under the following four conditions:

  1. Any bag can be opened upon request by the customer or by Abunai! staff to check its contents.
  2. You allow a buyer to return the bag (just as you would any other item) if they feel unsatisfied with the contents.
  3. You will provide our Dealer Team with a written overview of the exact content of the bags that you sell.
  4. Bag contents should always have an equal or bigger total value than the price of the mystery bag itself.

These conditions are a protective measure for our visitors. This ensures visitors get the value they deserve for their purchase. If you do not abide by these rules a first warning will be given. A second warning means you have to pack your belongings and leave the Dealer Room or Artist Alley. You will not be able to get a refund.

Handmade Arts and Crafts

Handmade Arts and Crafts have to be handmade. Vendors / Artists that sell items that fall in this category need to be able to prove that the items are handmade and that they are not, for example, bought and resold at our convention.

Weapons and Weapon Replicas

Weapons and weapon replicas of any kind are not permitted to be sold or exhibited. This applies in particular to knife, thrust and bat weapons. Decorative (Cosplay) weapons may be permitted only with prior approval. Feel free to contact us before the convention for approval.