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Special COVID-19 FAQ (Last updated December 15, 2021)

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When is the next Abunai! edition?

Abunai! 2022: The Good, The Bad and the Cheeky will be held on the weekend of 12, 13, 14 August 2022 at NH Koningshof Veldhoven.

I bought a ticket for Abunai! 2020 or 2021 before the postponement announcement. Are my tickets valid for Abunai! 2022?

Yes! The Abunai! 2020 or 2021 ticket(s) you’ve bought are automatically valid for the new date of 12, 13, 14 August 2022.  If you wish for your ticket to be valid for Abunai! 2022, you do not need to take any action. Your received invoice/ticket, even if it states 2020 or 2021, will be valid for our 2022 date. Tickets will remain on sale and valid for the new date.

Tickets can also be refunded if you wish. If you wish to get your money back, as is your right, you can of course refund your ticket by logging into your account, clicking on ‘Orders’ and then clicking on the ‘Refund’ button. After you’ve clicked the refund button, your request will be processed the next working day at the latest, and it may take 1-3 working days for the money to be in your bank account. Refunds are done automatically and may take up to a week.


Programme Questions

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How can I sign-up for a Cosplay competition?

On our Cosplay competitions page you’ll find more information on each respective competition, including how to sign-ups.

How can I sign-up for an AMV competition?

On our AMV page you’ll find more information on each respective competition, including how to sign-ups.

How can I sign-up for other competitions?

Information pages for all other competitions will be included oin our Things to Do section, including rules and how to sign-up. Announcements for the sign-ups will be done in a timely manner and will also provide you with the necessary information for signing up for the competition.

How can I make sure that I can visit a certain event?

Most of our events do not require previous sign-ups to attend. We work on a first come, first serve basis. Once all places are taken you can no longer attend. We recommend showing up early to your chances of attending. 

Are there events for which I need to pay a fee?

Some events require an attendance fee in the form of a special ticket. If an event needs to be paid for, this information will be included in the event description. Tickets for these events will be sold at our information desk, on certain days and certain times, which will be announced before the convention starts.

Are there events for which I can need to sign-up in advance?

Most competitions require you to sign-up beforehand. Some events may require you to. Please consult our Things to Do section where you fill find information on each competition and event at Abunai! 2020 (note: not all information is currently available, but will be as the convention draws nearer). 

When will the programme information be added to the website?

We strive to publish all event information at most a month before the convention is scheduled to take place. 

When will the final programme schedule be available?

We strive to have the final schedule published on our website two weeks prior to the convention.

General Convention/Venue Questions

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At what time does Abunai! open?

The opening hours for Abunai! 2022 are:

Friday: 14:00-03:00
Saturday: 10:00-03:00
Sunday: 10:00-18:00


How can I get to Abunai! with public transport?

Please check our Maps & Transportation page for more information. 

Do I need to pay for parking at the convention grounds / hotel?

Yes. More information, including pricing, can be found here: The Venue

Can I bring food/drinks from home?

You are not allowed to bring your own food/drinks from home to the NH Koningshof. The hotel does not allow this.

If you have a special diet for medical reasons, please contact info@abunaicon.nl. You may be asked to fill in a form and/or provide additional information or verification.


Is there an age restriction to visit an Abunai! convention?

Visitors under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult with the minimum age of 18. The convention may offer some age-restricted events or areas, which are off-limits to minors.

How can I get an NH Koningshof hotel room during an Abunai! convention?

Consult here for more information, which will be updated continously: The Venue.

I have a question regarding NH Koningshof hotel rooms.

Consult here for more information, which will be updated continously: The Venue. Is your question not answered on that page? Always contact NH Koningshof directly with your question. They are always able to provide you with the most accurate answer to your question. 

Gopher Questions

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What's a gopher?

A gopher is a volunteer who helps out setting up, running and breaking down the convention by performing a wide variety of tasks. These tasks completely depend on what needs to be done at the time. They also help out visitors with questions or issues. They are expected to do so in a friendly manner at all times. We’ll also ask our gophers to help out before and after the convention when able. The more hands we have, the faster we can work.

Being a gopher is about team work and trying to bring out the best in yourself. You’ll work in a team, with all kinds of different people. If this seems like fun, why don’t you sign up as a gopher and see the convention from a very different perspective? You might not know this, but a lot of Staff started out as gophers. Give it a try!

How do I sign up to help out during the convention?

You can sign-up by checking the the ‘apply as gopher’ checkbox when you purchase your ticket.

If I apply as a gopher, does this automatically mean I will be one at the convention?

No, this is not guaranteed. After you apply as gopher you will be contacted by our Gopher Manager to fill in a form. Based on the information provided by the submitted form we will decide if you are qualified to be a gopher or not.

There is a limit on the amount of gophers we need during the convention and we have certain requirements; we are unable to accept all applications. 

What is the minimum age to help as gopher?

The minimum age for helping out as a gopher is 16 years. This requirement is set because of legal reasons and non-negotiable.

Do I have to pay my ticket if I sign-up as gopher?

Yes, you will have to purchase a ticket before you get refunded. We chose this approach to prevent people from neglecting their tasks. Furthermore, breaking the rules as stated in the gopher manual or any other misconduct means we have the right to reject the refund you would normally receive after the convention is over. 

When will the gopher meeting before the convention be?

On Friday morning before the first shifts of the convention start. The Gopher Manager will inform you of the time and place at least a week in advance.

What if I cannot make it to the gopher meeting?

It’s okay if you can’t make to the gopher meeting, bu you will have to read the gopher manual very thoroughly. It has all the important information that you need to know as a gopher. If you have any questions, you can always mail the gopher management: Please use this form for contacting them.

Where can I sleep as a gopher?

Basically, gophers have the same choices as visitors have. You can find them on the accommodations page.

Ticket Questions

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Where do I purchase a ticket?

It is only possible to purchase a ticket through our webshop.

What are the payment options?

iDeal, Bancontact and Paypal (supports linking bank account and credit card). 

I haven’t received my ticket(s) after payment. What now?

Be sure to check your spam folder to check if it arrived there instead of your inbox. If not, please use the contact form to contact us directly.

How do I change the dates/information of my ticket(s)?

Please use the contact form to contact us directly. 

How do I cancel my ticket(s)?

You can cancel your ticket(s) through our webshop. Please log in to your account, select your order and click the ‘Refund’ button. 

Why are ticket prices sometimes increased when compared to previous year?

The money raised by selling tickets goes into organizing a three day large, full-scale event, which comes with a lot of costs. For example, renting one of the biggest conference centers in the Netherlands. We need to cover those costs. There are huge costs to cover which go up each year. In addition, there are all kind of factors that are at play such as inflation, which all add up when it comes to costs going up, reflecting ticket prices.