Lost and Found

This page has not yet been reviewed for Abunai! 2024: Kitsune Matsuri and may contain outdated information.

Have you lost something during the Abunai! weekend? Often these items can be claimed at the info desk if another attentive visitor, staff, gopher or steward found them and turned it in. If you discovered you lost something after the convention, chances are your item was still found by someone and turned in!

After the convention we carefully document these items with photographs. Then we hand them over to the kind and capable people at the county office in Veldhoven. & that’s where you get to you pick them up. Do note that you need to make an appointment and the City of Veldhoven will not send the items to you!

You can contact them via 14-040 or gemeente[at]veldhoven[dot]nl.

Please note: identification papers such as ID or driver’s license and bank cards were destroyed by Gemeente Veldhoven. Gemeente Veldhoven also does not accept water bottles or flasks. If you lost identification papers, bank or water bottles/flasks at the convention, these are not available for pick-up.

Abunai! 2023 Lost and Found

Due to privacy concerns, we do not publish a list of items or photographs. Please contact info@abunaicon.nl and give a description of the item(s) you lost. If it was found, we will confirm this with you. You’ll then be able to book an appointment with Gemeente Veldhoven to pick up your item.