Abunai! Beats: The Game Show

Abunai! Beats will let Abunai! guests choose what kind of music will be played every 15 – 20 minutes. Through this web form you can vote on which genre you’d like to hear at Abunai! Beats: The Game Show.

Keep in mind we can’t play everything, but it’ll give us an idea on what you’d like to hear. If you don’t like what you’re hearing – don’t worry. It’s only a short wait until the next genre gets played, so grit your teeth and get your friends to vote on your favourite!

Abunai! Beats will be held on Saturday.

Deshima Sounds: The Quest- Deshima Sounds

An epic journey encompassing the most awesome pieces of music, making you move even if you don’t want to. Experience songs you’ve never heard before. That’s what Deshima Sounds is: the ultimate Japanese club experience – right here at Abunai! Bring your crew and dance the night away at Deshima Sounds: The Quest.
Deshima Sounds will be held on Friday, in the evening.

Dress Up Town

Dress Up Town is a Dutch band, whose repertoire includes idol music and anime covers. In a mansion where roses grow abundantly, cute dresses are considered a necessity of life and butlers follow every order without questions, nothing is too crazy. Myu Strawberry, a rich girl with a grand dream, shows everyone that she will stop at nothing to achieve this. Her dream: be Europe’s first real idol! Dress Up Town is the idol rock band that will help her get there.

Dress Up Town will perform on Saturday, in the evening.


HITT is a Japanese singer, notable for his excellent piano performance. He defines his style as “piano rock”. He performs entertaining rock shows, with him and his piano skills front and center. He makes a deep impression on the audience with his unique outfits and flamboyant performance.

HITT has been performing all over the world since 2009, with successful tours and appearances in Europe, Latin America, Russia, and Canada.

He calls his fans “HITTERS”, and he defines his performance as “HITT SHOW”. His slogan is “You No Heart Ni Mega Hitt!! (meaning “I gotta strike upon your heart with MEGA HITT”).

HITT will perform on Saturday, in the evening.

For more information, please visit the HITT official website and the HITT YouTube channel.