Dance Parties

Pon de Beats (Friday)

Pon de Beats returns to bring the Japanese anime club scene to Abunai! 2024!

Expect a festival journey through all your favourite anime and j-pop songs such as ADO, Vocaloid, Idols and VTubers! Pon de Beat’s resident DJ’s will play anime songs and remixes in ways you’ve never heard before: as EDM, House, Trance, UK Hardcore, J-Core and many more genres! 

Release your Anime party soul with DjKnuX, sauce, Shiz, Yakkaiser and their VJ Kaz! 

Find Pon de Beats on Instagram or Twitch!

Abunai! Beats (Saturday)

Abunai! Beats lets you choose what kind of music will be played in the next 15–20 minutes. If you don’t like what’s being played, don’t worry. It’s only a short wait until the next genre gets played, so grit your teeth and get your friends to vote on your favourite!

Club Weeb Silent Disco (Fr & Sa)

Club Weeb: A Weeb’s Night Out! is the very first anime dance night in the Netherlands, exclusively focusing on Japanese pop music and anime. At Abunai 2024, they’ll be presenting their very own silent disco! They’ll bring a full entourage, including smoke machines, extravagant outfits, and show lights. It’s a complete package for hours of partying to Japanese pop music!

Expect two evenings filled with popular anime tunes, Vocaloid beats, and J-pop hits. From Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to Hatsune Miku, Ado, Yoasobi, and Maximum the Hormone: you name it, they’ve got it!

More on Club Weeb: Linktree.



for a defiled world,
hantasmal beauty shining
for a wounded heart,
songs of anger resound

Isiliel is the solo project of Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL). With performing genres ranging from folk-infused post black metal to city pop, Isiliel meshes traditional Japanese instruments and performance with an international songwriting and production team to create a blisteringly powerful and beautiful audio visual assault.

In under two years from the project’s start Isiliel has performed at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Hyper Japan in London, NärCon Sommar in Sweden and Thai ComiCon in Bangkok as part of numerous successful international tours. Isiliel’s first album “Moonbow Genesis’ was produced by the legendary Fredrik Nordström in Gothenburg Sweden and is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Outside of her activities as an idol and solo performer Himari is also an active anime fan and cosplayer. She was an honorary judge at the cosplay performance at NärCon. Find her on instagram.


Nina is a VTuber and singer from the Netherlands, known for her love to perform and her ability to break video games. Armed with a powerful, yet gentle voice, she takes variety to another level. Let her cast a spell on you as she sings anything her heart is into, ranging from J-Pop and jazz to heavy metal and seductive trip hop. Her sultry voice and sisterly demeanour will surely win over your heart too!

Kuromiya Lucien

Kuromiya Lucien, also known as “Lulu” is a VTuber and singer mostly active on Twitch and YouTube. Her latest song “Vitals Signs” released in December 2023 and was played on a billboard on Times Square. Visit her live concert for a mix of Vocaloid, Anime song covers, and originals!


Trebulence is a Dutch anime cover band.

Dance Performances

SoLuna Idols Performance

SoLuna Idols has been working hard once again to give you all an amazing performance! With their amazing charm and talent, they have created a show you will never forget~ Please join to watch their performance and cheer them on!