Abunai! 2017 hotel room sale moved to different date

Apr 24, 2017 | Announcements, Hotel Rooms, Promo

We’ve heard you. We’ve asked NH Koningshof to open their hotel room sale later. NH Koningshof will open bookings for their rooms Tuesday May 2nd 20:00 CEST.

Unfortunately, NH Koningshof still only accepts credit cards as payment option. NH Koningshof explicitly communicated to us at Abunai that they will not accept iDeal, bank transfer, or any other payment option that is not credit card.

However, NH Koningshof also explicitly communicated to us at Abunai that they will accept prepaid credit cards and virtual credit cards. They also explicitly communicated that a credit card on a different name can be used in your reservation. Meaning you can use your parent’s credit card or your friend’s credit card to purchase your hotel room. NH Koningshof is giving Abunai guests more time to acquire an alternative credit card method such as a prepaid credit card or a virtual credit card.

We will follow up with an article on everything you need to know regarding and getting prepaid credit cards and virtual credit cards, to help you as best as we can. This is the first year NH Koningshof only accepts credit card as a payment option and we from Abunai! will try to help you adapt to this change.

The Abunai! ticket sale will not be postponed. Ticket sale for Abunai 2017 will still open Wednesday April 26th 20:00 CEST. For more information please refer to Abunaicon 2017 ticket sale: Everything You Need to Know.