Abunai! 2017 Cosplay Competitions signs ups 

May 1, 2017 | Announcements, competitions, Website

Heads up all cosplayers: Abunai! 2017 cosplay competitions sign ups will open Friday 5 May 2017!
This year Abunai! will host the following competitions:

Cosplay Runway Competition

The runway is a quick walk on competition where contestants can show of their creation to the judges by walking on in character, Pose, make a 360 view and walk off in a time frame of max 30 seconds.

Cosplay Acting Competition

Want to try something more elaborate? Have a go at the Cosplay Act competition. This event focuses on your act and not so much on your costume.

Cosplay Hallway Competition

You can visit selected cosplayers who will judge you costume and give you advice on how to improve your skills and if you should have a go at the stage competitions. This friendly competition aims to help starting cosplayers (cosplayers who haven’t entered or won a competition before).

International Cosplay League 2017 (Solo)

Preliminaries for the Internation Cosplay League in Madrid will be held at Abunai! 2017. Compete on your own in the Solo competition or…

International Cosplay League 2017 (Duo)

Compete in pairs in the Duo competition.

EuroCos 2017 Preliminaries

Dutch preliminaries for EuroCos will be held at Abunai! 2017. The winner will compete in the UK for the grand finale.

For more information on each competition and its rules please visit the Abunai! 2017 Programme: Competitions page.