Abunaicon 2017 ticket sale: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 21, 2017 | Announcements, Hotel Rooms, Ticket Sales

Ladies and gentlemen, everything in between and beyond, the wait is over! On Wednesday April 26th 20:00 CEST the ticket sale for Abunai! 2017: History in the Making will start. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you’ll be attending the Netherlands’ ‘gezelligste’ con.

  1. Make sure you’re at the right place
    Abunai will be held at NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof, from Friday August 25th until Sunday August 27th. Koningshof can be reached easily by car and public transport.
  1. Tickets are not free
    We know, we know. Unfortunately, our tickets cost money (munny not accepted). Our ticket prices range from € 23-55. Or, more specifically:
Day(s) Price
Friday € 23,-
Saturday € 37,-
Sunday € 24,-
Friday+ Saturday € 51,-
Saturday + Sunday € 52,-
Friday + Sunday € 38,-
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (All Weekend) € 55,-

For more information, please visit the Abunai! 2017 price list.

  1. We’re here to help
    A special chat room will open during the first sales evening from 20:00-21:30 CEST. Our visitor services team will help you as best as they can with any questions you may have.
  1. Sleep is for the strong
    Which is why you’ll be able to purchase a hotel room alongside your ticket. Please note that rooms can only be purchased with a credit card, not through iDeal or Paypal. Customers can buy a prepaid credit card such as a Prepaid Mastercard or Money2Go to purchase their room. Room prices vary from € 99-240, as follows:
1 Night 2 Nights
Single Room € 99,- € 160,-
Single Room, Superior € 124,- € 210,-
Two Person Room € 110,50 € 190,-
Two Person Room, Superior € 135,50 € 240,-

For detailed information please visit our Abunai! hotel room information page.

  1. Be sure to check our house rules
    Be sure to check and comply with our house rules. Please note that NH Koningshof enforces a ‘no cosplay in the swimming pool’ policy.