Ticket Shop

Welcome to the Abunai! ticket shop! Here you can purchase entry tickets and event tickets.

  • All tickets will be send to you digitally via e-mail.
  • Purchasing multiple items in one order? You’ll receive one single e-ticket.
  • If you purchase tickets for multiple people, please note they can all check in with the same e-ticket after showing identification. You do not have to enter as a group.

For more information, please read the Ticket FAQ.

Entry Tickets

Visiting Abunai! for multiple days? When you purchase a weekend ticket or 2-day bundle you will receive a discount compared to buying separate day tickets!







Junior Entry Tickets

Want to bring your child along? Children under 4 can enter for free, while children between ages 4 and 11 qualify for a discounted junior ticket! Do note that children are required to have adult supervision at our convention during their visit.







Event Tickets

Our events programme includes regular events and ticketed events. Ticketed events require either the purchase of an extra ticket (= pay an extra fee) or reserving a ticket (= pay nothing). You can purchase/reserve these event tickets through the Abunai! ticket shop. At the convention you can purchase event tickets, if available, at the information desk. You’ll also be able to purchase event tickets online during the convention. After purchasing your ticket online, you will receive an order confirmation with a QR code.

These tickets are available until sold out and sold out = sold out! There’s no secret second batch of tickets mysteriously available at the convention. Sold out online = no availability during the convention.


Currently, event tickets are not yet on sale!

Please check back later, or keep an eye out on our social media channels. Don’t worry, we always announce the date event tickets go live in advance!