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Kimono Photobooth – Sunday 11:00


Want to get your picture taken while wearing a kimono? This is your chance! Otenba Design offers you the opportunity to try on one of their kimonos and have your picture taken in their decorated photo booth. Please note that getting dressed and taking a photograph will take over 20 minutes.

If you would like to get dressed in a kimono, Otenba Design asks you take note of the following guidelines:

  • They cannot dress you if you wear body paint. Makeup/paint on your face is acceptable, but not from the neck down.
  • Accessories that could damage the kimono might need to be removed.
  • Make sure to wear something comfortable underneath, such as a tank top. (Tip: For those with a larger bust, they recommend bringing a sports bra if you have one, as it will help the kimono fit better.)
  • They are size inclusive, but the choices might be more limited, and you may need to wear hakama pants.
  • They will use the terms “male” and “female” kimonos since they are historical garments, but you are welcome to choose whichever one you prefer, regardless of gender.
  • Dressing will require body contact. As they say, “Kimono dressing comes with a lot of hugging.” They will handle everyone with respect, but please be aware of this.
  • No eating or drinking in the kimonos.

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