Abunai! 2019: NH Koningshof Hotel Room Booking Method

Apr 30, 2019 | Hotel Rooms

NH Koningshof accepts bookings through a form. The form is a Microsoft Excel file. If you do not own Microsoft Office, we suggest the following alternatives: Apache OpenOffice, Excel Online, LibreOffice.

All Abunai! 2019 room bookings are to be made using this procedure; NH Hotels has no special reserves for exceptions (including medical requirements).

The form needs to be filled in correctly. You do not need to fill in your credit card information. The NH Hotel team will try to call you as soon as your form is handled, to check your details and to get your credit card information.

We will share a link to the form and the e-mail address it needs to be sent to as soon as the hotel is ready to take bookings on May 1st, 20:00.

After you’ve e-mailed the form you can expect a call on May 1st between 20:00 and 24:00 or following days during office hours.

For more information such as room prices, please refer to Abunai! 2019: NH Koningshof Hotel Rooms General Information.