Abunai! 2019: NH Koningshof Hotel Rooms General Information

Apr 24, 2019 | Hotel Rooms

On May 1, 20:00 CEST/Amsterdam time NH Koningshof will start accepting bookings for hotel rooms. NH Koningshof is currently testing which booking method to implement. As soon as NH Koningshof finishes testing, we can and will announce how to book a room.

In the meantime this article will provide you with all currently available information.

You do not need a valid Abunai! 2019 ticket in order to book a room, though we highly recommend you don’t miss your chance to purchase your ticket to the Netherlands’ cheekiest convention through the Abunai! webshop.

NH Koningshof Room Prices

NH Koningshof has determined their room prices as follows. Please note that all bookings include access to the breakfast buffet at no extra cost.

Room Type Price per night,

if you stay

one night (ex. city tax)

Price per night,

if you stay

two nights (ex. city tax)

Single Room € 117,- € 95,-
Twin/Double Room € 129 € 112,-
Single Room, Superior € 132,- € 110,-
Twin/Double Room, Superior € 144 € 127,-
Double Room, Superior XL € 154 € 137,-

It is possible to book more nights than two. You need to book at least one night.


You can check-in at the reception desk by the main entrance from 15:00 onwards.

Credit Card Needed

NH Koningshof only allows rooms to be booked with a credit card. You cannot book a room through iDeal, Paypal or any other payment option. Please contact NH Koningshof directly if you have any questions regarding this matter.

You do not need a credit card in your own name to book a room. You can, for example, use a family member’s or friend’s credit card (with their permission). If you do not own a credit card, you can buy a prepaid credit card such as a Prepaid Mastercard or Money2Go to finish your booking.

On booking

As mentioned above, NH Koningshof is currently testing which booking method to implement for Abunai! 2019 rooms. As soon as NH Koningshof finishes testing, we will announce all available information on how to book a room.

Safety Notice

The amount of people sleeping in a room may not exceed the amount of people on your reservation. Please note that NH Koningshof strictly enforces this rule as a matter of safety. Violating this rule will have serious consequences, including a fine.


A special chat room will open on May 1st from 19:30 until 20:30. Our customer services team will be of, well, service. However, please do keep in mind that the hotel room bookings are handled by NH Koningshof and as such we are unable to assist with all matters.

All questions related to the hotel rooms and the venue are to be directed to NH Koningshof. You can contact them by through e-mail (nhkoningshof@nh-hotels.com).

Abunai! related question? Our friendly customer service staff is always happy to help. Kindly check our contact page for more information.