Meet The Abunai! Staff – Remco

Aug 19, 2017 | Meet The Abunai! Staff

Editor’s foreword:
Welcome to ‘Meet The Abunai! Staff’, a column in which you’ll be introduced to our staff members. Staff members, they’re just like people! We’d love for you to get more acquainted with our dear volunteers and to accomplish this, they graciously agreed to be interviewed after I threatened them. Connect with Remco, he’s one of the newest additions to the Staff and works diligently as part of the Catering & Location team. 

Meet Remco

Name: Remco  
Age: 29
Height: 1.74
Blood type: O positive
Abunai! Position: Catering & Location staff

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I have a few hobbies but the major ones are playing/collecting board games and photography. Of course watching Anime and other movies/series is also something I enjoy in my spare time. I work at the Clinical Pathology department of Erasmus MC as a Lab Technician. At work I am specialized in Electron Microscopy which is very interesting! I have been going to Abunai! since 2012 (I know not that long) and this year I decided I wanted to help out so here I am!

What do you like most about (your position at) Abunai?
Abunai! itself for me is the most homey convention. I just have so many fond memories and the general atmosphere at Abunai! is just amazing.

Being staff this year made me realize how much work goes on behind the scenes, of course I had an idea about how much work it was but the reality is just not the same.

What’s your favorite Abunai! memory?
I think for me it’s every breakfast. I’m not sure why but waking up at Abunai! take place in the breakfast area with your friends and starting the day off like that just gives me a warm feeling.

What is your alignment?
Neutral Good it seems. I think that’s pretty accurate!

Do you prefer weeb or otaku?
Weeb for sure! I just think it’s a funny term. Otaku to me sound more serious and weeb more jokingly.

If you were a magical girl, what style would your outfit be and what would your power be?
This is a hard one! I’m not really into fashion but I think my outfit would be Light blue and white and be more practical instead of fashionable. The power I would love to have is something like a Time bubble. (This might be because I have been reading books lately with someone that can do this)

Playstation, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo?
PC is what I use most these days but I am really a big Nintendo Fanboy. The latest consoles I bought  are the Wii U and the Switch. After that I would prefer a PlayStation and the last thing I would buy is the Xbox. I will definitely buy a PS4 whenever KH3 comes out.

Favorite karaoke song? Please note that you (may) have to  sing your answer at the convention 😉
I have never actually done any Karaoke on the convention (Shame on me I know) so I can’t really answer this song. Maybe the Pokémon theme song?

If you could Cosplay as anyone regardless of your skill(s), who would you Cosplay as?
There are so many awesome characters that picking just one is hard for me but I would say Bason from Shaman King. That would be just amazing!

What are you looking most forward to this Abunai?
Just roaming around the convention, making plans and not stick to them and at the end of it all feel like I have done nothing I told myself to do. Oh and also doing some photoshoots with friends

Anything else you’d like to share?
If you see me walking around feel free to say hi!