Video Competitions at Abunai!: AMV and CMV sign-ups open

May 13, 2017 | Announcements, competitions, Events

Abunai! 2017 will host two video competitions for the cinematographically inclined, one familiar and one brand spanking new: the Anime Music Video (AMV) competition and our first ever Cosplay Music Video (CMV) competition. Sign-up sheets for these competitions are now open, get to it budding Spielbergs!

In the AMV competition you’ll deliver a video with animated footage of yours choice set to music of your choice. It can be comedic or serious, go wild! But not too wild, as nudity, gore, excessive violence and other content not suitable for minors is not allowed.

Despite the name, you can actually use footage from sources other than Anime. Confusing, we know. “Anime And Also  Manga Stills, (Fan)art, Game Footage and Anything Else Japan Related Not Featuring Real People But Only In Moderation Competition” is just too long, unfortunately.  

Unlike the AMV, the Cosplay Music Video Competition is exactly what you think it is. In the CMV competition you’ll produce a video featuring footage of one or more Cosplayers set to music.

Edit footage of a scared boy struggling to get into a robot to My Dad Sucks, a sport anime training montage to Push it to the Limit, or Yuri on Ice to Ice, Ice Baby. Or just film whoever doing whatever and put it to Attack on Titan’s Guren no Yumiya. Apparently everything goes with that song.


More information, rules, deadlines and sign-up sheets can be found at AMV Competition 2017 page and the CMV Competition 2017 page.