Cosplay at Abunai! 2017: Cosplay Acting Competition

May 11, 2017 | Announcements, competitions, Events

Is posing too little of an effort for you? Or perhaps you’re simply so comfortable with a character you might as well go the extra mile and act like them while you’re at it?

Say no more and sign up for the Cosplay Acting Competition at Abunai! 2017.

In our acting compo you’ll don a full costume and perform an act. Props and equipment are allowed in your act, but be sure to inform us in advance! Neither audio nor video are mandatory, feel free to design your act to your satisfaction. But please, keep it decent. Wouldn’t want to traumatize the children in the audience now do we?

The competition will be held Saturday August 26th. The winner takes home eternal glory and bragging rights. We reckon you can also put this victory on your resume if you’re planning to apply to acting school!

Do you feel like unleashing your inner Takeshi Kitano or Rinko Kikuchi? More information, rules, deadlines and sign-up sheet can be found at the Cosplay Acting Competition 2017 page.