Abunai! AMV 2016: list of competitors

Sep 28, 2016 | Events

The AMV competition of Abunai! 2016: Beyond the Stars was a great success. The playing field was very strong once again and everyone clearly put a lot of effort into making their AMV. Unfortunately, we also experienced severe technical difficulties that were impossible to fix on short notice, resulting in severe framerate drops and the “Blue Lines of Death”. Though it was outside of our control at that moment, we felt terrible about what happened. Terrible for the audience that was hoping on a great show, but even more so for the editors that spent much of their time on their AMV and were excited for being able to watch it in our Main Stage, only to see it butchered during the show by technical issues.

To make it up to all of them somewhat, we have constructed a list of all competitors with links to their AMV’s on YouTube in the order that they were played on the convention, so you can relive our AMV competition show at home. The list is not yet complete, as some AMV’s have yet to be uploaded on YouTube by their editors. Please contact us if a missing AMV has been uploaded and we’ll add them to the list.

The list can be found in our Con Archive or you can go directly to the page.

NB: The Abunai! Foundation is only providing links to this content and is neither owning, hosting nor moderating the AMVs. If any problems arise with a particular AMVs, please contact the AMV’s creator, which is usually its uploader.