Pokémon Go at Abunai!

Aug 24, 2016 | Events

Prepare for trouble! And make that double! Or rather: make that fivefold.
Pokémon Go Players who visit Abunai! this weekend will notice that the NH Koningshof venue holds no less than FIVE Pokéstops on site. In addition there is a Gym just outside the NH Koningshof entrance.
We have some good news regarding this situation, but also a word of warning…

We’re expecting a lot of visitors at Abunai! and the hallways are going to be quite crowded. So please be watchful of your surroundings at all times and pay attention to where you’re going, or where other people might be going.
Also: don’t be an obstacle. When you do spot a Pokémon, don’t stop in the middle of the hallway, but stay to the side and as much as the main corridors as possible as not to obstruct your fellow visitors. Stewards are in charge of crowd control and will keep an eye out as well, to keep the hallways from crowding up.

There are two Pokéstops at two very busy locations (the intersection between the yellow and blue zones which is always crowded, and at the entrance of the Food Court), however please try to avoid standing still here; instead take the stairs for example: you’ll find the same Pokéstop at the next floor as well.

Now for the good news:
Abunai! will be setting up lures at the Pokéstops in the inner gardens and near the Abdijbar at regular intervals. Make sure to check your app regularly, because we won’t be announcing at which times, although we’ll try to plan this as much when our Events Schedule is less crowded..
Happy hunting!