ID required at Abunai! Check in

Aug 18, 2016 | Ticket Sales

Hello everyone.

The following information is important for everyone attending Abunai! 2016: beyond the stars.

As per our rules you are required to have some form of identification on you when entering the convention grounds.

This year however we will be checking your ID at the check-in.

To make sure this extra check goes smoothly, we ask you to please make sure you have your passport, driver’s license or ID card ready when you go up to the register.

This heads-up is also meant for visitors that have different names on their ticket then on their ID. As per our rules your ticket is invalid when it does not match your ID.

You can however still edit the name on your registration, even if you already paid via the ticket registration system, by going to registrations and then click on “edit address” as shown in the screenshot below.

ID controle