AMV Competition
Once again we present to you our AMV Competition designed to show the best our local editors have to offer! Not only will there be a battle to the top 3 decided by our judges but also a battle to win your hearts, as this year there is a special twist. You, the viewer, can now also vote for your favourite video for the first time ever. So come join us Sunday morning at the main stage!

International AMV Competition
Remember that one AMV Competition that took place in the Parkzaal last edition? The one you couldn’t attend  because the room was full? The International AMV Competition (formerly known as the Advanced AMV Competition) is back! You have probably heard of eeveelutions, but now we’re presenting you our AMVulations! The International AMV Competition has made its way to the Main Stage thanks to your enthusiasm, feedback and appreciation.

Editors from around the globe will compete in 5 different categories to try and claim their spot to be the best of the best. Several prizes are up for grabs and just like our previous edition, you, the viewers, get to decide who wins and who deserves to be called the Best AMV of the show!Saturday afternoon is the time and place to be, AMVs that will keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement, tears and laughter. Come and vote for your favourite videos and help them gain their victory!

18+ AMV Competition
You read the title.

You know what it is all about.

This is the AMV Competition that allows everything (that won’t get you into jail) that other AMV Competitions won’t allow. We know you expect to see a bunch of anime that are best watched with headphones on, but that’s not the only thing that this competition is about. It’s also for those that love horror and gore. We give the videos that are banned from the other competitions a home, a place where they can be shown in their full glory! 

This first edition of the 18+ AMV Competition is a mix of horror, hentai and gore. As the name suggests only those that are 18 or older will be allowed to enter this special domain. No minors allowed. 

We could’ve done the voting ourselves but decided that YOU, the viewer, get to decide which AMV deserves the first ever 18+ trophy! Join us in the Auditorium after dinner on Friday, be sure to drag along a friend or if you want you can cum alone 😉

AMV Showing

Want to sit back and relax after a long convention day or would you like to chill a bit before going crazy at Abunai! Beats? We have a relaxing solution for you! We present to you the AMV Showing, a viewing where you can relax and enjoy the AMVs that sadly didn’t manage to make their way into our other competitions, but still deserve their moment to shine. Grab your friends and make your way to the Auditorium Saturday evening and simply enjoy the show!

AMV Lecture: Editing To The Next Level – AMV Netherlands
Masking, Colour Correction, Syncing. You’ll be coming across all of these things in every single AMV Competition the weekend, probably without even knowing what they exactly are. And guess what, you don’t need to! A good AMV is much more than just the technical know-how and with this lecture AMV Netherlands will be covering all the things that you can do to bring your AMV to the next level. Whether you’re new to editing, just interested or have been editing for years there are tips for each and everyone of you out there.

We shall talk about the different ways you can start an AMV, how to learn from your previous video, what tools you can use to flash out your edits,  how to know if your anime and music choice matches up well and most importantly when do you consider your video done? In this lecture you’ll have the chance to ask the editors for tips and tricks about all things AMV related.

Be sure to join AMV Netherlands Friday Afternoon at 5PM to learn these tips and more!

If you’re more interested in the technical side of creating AMVs and want to see what it’s truly like to edit a video from start to finish. In that case the AMV Battle Royale might be more up your alley!.

AMV Battle Royale: AnimeTwins vs. Kagacie – AMV Netherlands

Two editors, one hour, one winner.

Always wanted to see two experienced editors battle it out in a battle royale? Editors AnimeTwins and Kagacie both will be given 1 hour to edit an AMV live in front of you. You get to watch them start from the very moment they open their software, to the moment the final scene gets placed. This is not your typical showdown however, as there will be separate challenges for each editor to spice things up! And guess what? YOU get to pick the challenge! Together with your host MarikoAMV, you get to pick what limitations are going to be given to our competitors. Can they only replace a scene once before it’s set in stone? Must they add five seconds of gunfighting or are there no romance scènes allowed at all? It’s all up to you!

What anime will our lovely competitors be using you ask? The AMV Netherlands team has chosen 5 anime for each editor and now it’s up to you to narrow it down to 2! Through the following link you get to vote which anime each editor has to use (to have some mercy on our editors the two animes with the most votes are up for choice, but in the end they can only use 1, unless their challenge says otherwise). The poll can be found here:
Deadline for the poll is Sunday August 7th 2022 23:59:59

At the end you have one more choice to make, after you have witnessed both AMVs, YOU get to decide who wins! Join us on Saturday Morning at 10:30AM in Room 58 and find out who deserves to be called the winner of our first ever AMV Battle Royale Showdown!