18+ AMV Competition FAQ

I’m below 18, but I would like to submit a video to the 18+ AMV Competition.
You are not allowed to join. You have to be 18 years or older to be able to join the competition.

Which competition do I enter when creating an Ecchi video?
If your video is purely Ecchi focused we advise you to send it to the 18+ AMV Competition. If your video includes just a few Ecchi scenes, you’re free to send it to the regular competitions.
In case of doubt send an email to amveditingnl@gmail.com.

I am not sure whether the characters in my video are 18+ or not.
Send us an email titled ‘’Age Check – <Video title>’’ and a download link to your video or source and we will check the content for you.

My video contains extended visualisation or implications or suicide/self harm. Would this be allowed?
If your video includes depiction of suicide/self-harm and you are in doubt if this applies to the rules, please get in touch with us via email using the subject ‘’Suitability Check – <Video title>’’.

I am not sure if my video is considered non-consensual. Is there a way to confirm this?
We do not allow scenes to include rape, sexual assault or any situation depicted to be  non-consensual. We highly recommend you use scenes showing enthusiastic consent.

If you have any doubt about the consent in your source, send an email with the subject line ‘’Consent Check – <Video title>’’ and a download link to your video or source and we will check the content for you. 

I want to join the glorious cultural heritage category, but the video contains octipi is that beastility?
While the usage of tentacles is encouraged, the visualisation of actual octipi is not allowed.

What is this  glorious cultural heritage category you’re talking about?
18+ Content has always been a big part of Otaku history especially hentai and Doujins but also some amazing horror and murder manga’s

All these 18+ things that have made a cultural impact and left a legacy that spans generations of degeneracy. These glorious creations should be honoured!

This is why we introduce the glorious cultural heritage category this year. This category  shines a spotlight on one of these specific topics, be it a specific doujin like Metamorphosis or an author like Junji Ito.

Or maybe something like this year’s GLORIOUS subject matter! TENTACLES!

Oh, the impact these slimy long tailed tendrils have had! The centuries long impact! The shock if you show someone the Hokusai ukiyo-e and can claim that tentacle hentai is elevated art! Nobody can think of Hentai without thinking of tentacles!

Stop waxing poetically. What does it actually mean?
The category is a bonus category. We will simply be judging the AMV that uses this content to its utmost potential. This does not mean your video has to be submitted separately or has to be purely about tentacles. Just use the subject matter in the most creative and interesting way you can. (You may even win if you don’t plan on it simply by having tentacles in your video!)

To give some examples, the below videos were centered around the topic “Mustache” 

One used the topic in a subtle way:

While the other contestant chose the more obvious route…:

We shall await your wondrous creations with baited breath! 

In doubt please contact our AMV team at amveditingnl@gmail.com. This FAQ is a work in progress and will be updated as more questions from the community become apparent.