General/Important Announcements

Abunai! 2022 Feedback Form

Feedback, feedback, give us your feedback! Specifically, in this survey.If you visited Abunai! 2022, we'd love to know your thoughts. Whether you were there the entire weekend or just one day, please let us know your experience! With your feedback we can improve the...

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Abunai! 2022 Found Items

Are you missing something you didn’t take home with you? It may be a lost cause now, but maybe there’s still hope! Chances are it was found and left at the Abunai! information desk! We have received all sorts of items this year, from sunglasses to cosplay props and...

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Abunai! 2022 Visitor Services

Our visitor services for Abunai! 2022: The Good, The Bad and The Cheeky include our info desk, cloakroom, dressing rooms and the Cosplay Medics Repair Point will be there to help you with your cosplay emergencies. For more information, please visit:...

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Events and Competition News

Abunai! 2022 AMV Competitions Now Open For Sign-Ups

Abunai! 2022: The Good, The Bad and the Cheeky's date is final and so is our love for AMVs (and specifically, our love for AMV Netherlands, our partners in anime-video). Here’s everything you need to know in order to compete in the AMV competitions of our 2022...

Dealer room and Artist Alley

OYASUMI the manga at Abunai! 2017

This year visitors will get a very special scoop. OYASUMI the manga will be on sale for the very first time in the dealer room at Abunai! 2017! OYASUMI is made by Dutch artists Kimberly,Coco & Renee. For more information, please visit:

Dealer Room Filled

Great news from our Dealer Room team! All tables in the Dealer Room at Abunai! 2016 Beyond the Stars have been filled! We are booked full. Unfortunately this also means that we have to dissapoint dealers who are still sending in orders. They will be placed on the...

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