Ticket Prices

Once the ticket sale opens, you can buy your ticket through our webshop. The Abunai! 2022 ticket prices are as follows:

Day(s) Price Door Price
Friday € 24,- € 34,-
Saturday € 40,- € 50,-
Sunday € 27,- € 37,-
Friday + Saturday € 55,- € 65,-
Saturday + Sunday € 58,- € 68,-
Friday + Sunday € 42,- € 52,-
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (All Weekend) € 64,- € 74,-

Door prices will come in effect on August 12th, the Friday when the convention will be held. We will sell tickets at our door during the convention, provided we have not sold out.

Ticket Payment methods

You can purchase tickets for Abunai! 2020 as well as dinner vouchers through our own webshop. Currently our system supports the following means of payment:


Abunai! supports Bancontact for Belgian visitors. After completing your registration you’ll be prompted whether you want to pay through PayPal.


Abunai! supports iDeal for Dutch visitors. After completing your registration you’ll be prompted whether you want to pay through iDeal.


Abunai! supports PayPal for Dutch and international visitors.You can link your bank account or credit card with PayPal. After completing your registration you’ll be prompted whether you want to pay through PayPal.

NH Koningshof Dining Coins

The are several dining options available at NH Koningshof, the venue were Abunai! is held. You can only pay for your food and drinks with NH Koningshof coin tokens. This includes the food court, all catering stands, the Abdijbar, and the Maid and Butler Café. You cannot pay at catering stands with your bank card or cash.

You can buy the coins at designated selling points, which are manned by NH Koningshof’s staff. It is possible to use your bank card or cash to pay for the coins.

One (1) Dining Coin € 2,65

1/2 coins are given as change. It is not possible to buy half a coin. During and after the convention you can return the coins at NH Koningshof’s coin selling points to get your money back.

NH Koningshof Parking Pass

NH Koningshof has a parking lot with 2000 parking spaces. The hotel charges money for the use of these parking spots. A parking pass can be purchased at the hotel reception desk (open 24/7). It is also possible to buy your ticket from the parking meter, but it will be more expensive. The first three hours are free of charge.

The prices are as follows:

First three hours €0
Per hour €1,50
Per 24-hour period   €5
Day ticket, per 24-hour period (if bought from reception desk) €3,50
Weekend ticket, per 72-hour period (if bought from reception desk) €10

If you have a day or weekend parking pass you can exit and return to the parking lot with no restrictions.

NH Koningshof Hotel Rooms

Hotel Room Reservations are handled by NH Koningshof. For information on pricing, when and how to place a hotel room reservation, and their cancellation policy please consult here:
Abunai! 2020 – NH Koningshof Hotel Rooms

NH Koningshof Hotel Dinner Buffet

NH Koningshof offers a buffet restaurant option during the convention. A voucher for the buffet costs € 20,- and can be purchased when you order your ticket in our webshop.