Welcome everyone to the Abunai Chat hour!
Here you can ask everything you ever wanted to ask…Well, within reason that is!
We wish you a lot of fun!


Just like every other chatbox we would like to remind you, our precious guests of the following rules:

  • Please respect our staff at all times. They are here to help you. If you become disrespectful we will have to ban you
  • Do not answer eachother questions – this is to make sure you get the information from the right source
  • Do not fight on the chatbox, if this gets out of control we will ban you
  • If we see a username with the name ABUNAI in it we will ban it, this is to make sure that people will not confuse you with us, the staff
  • No 18+ content, no sex related, no nudes just no – This will end up getting you banned

The Chat Room is offline.