Abunai! 2024 Poster

Apr 4, 2024 | Announcements

Drum roll please! Here’s the official Abunai! 2024: Kitsune Matsuri poster, lovingly created by our official artist Howling Riot. Did you know? Abunai! 2024 is our 20th edition and Els from Howling Riot has been our official artist for over 10 years! Double anniversary❤️

Here’s what the artisté extraordinaire Els herself said about this year’s design:
“For this celebratory year I was granted some extra artistic freedom which I really enjoyed. This allowed me to zoom in on the emotion and be more experimental with colors. I am really happy with the way that turned out. Here we see the Kitsune spirit of Abunai!, proud and loving, giving life to a new year with their fox fire. With all the symbols of the past years printed on the lanterns behind them. Conventions grow up so fast..”

Want this poster on your wall? Good news! Get your free Abunai! 2024 poster this weekend at FACTS – at the Howling Riot booth to be precise! You’ll find Howling Riot in Hall 8, booth C32. If you ask nicely, Els will probably sign your poster as well 🙂

Of course, Howling Riot’s booth will also sell lots of foxlicious art and goodies so be sure to linger & shop once you’ve got your free poster!

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