Abunai! 2023 Cosplay Competition Judges

Jul 29, 2023 | Contests

We’re pleased to announce the judges for the Abunai! 2023 cosplay competitions!

C3lestial Cosplay

@c3lestial_cosplay will judge the Cosplay Act Competition and the Cosplay Runway Competition! She’d like to introduce herself to you:
“Hi everyone! I’m C3lestial_cosplay or Celest! I’ve been going to cosplay events for about 10 years now but only started my cosplay page last year, to be able to share my passion with everyone! The one thing I love most about cosplay is the ability to bring your favorite character to life! Personally, I love to focus on all the little details, from the right wigs, fitting make-up and lenses to costuming and props! I’ve been providing posing workshops on a variety of events for quite some years now and love to keep busy with shoots as well, both cosplay and fashion. One of the things I love most is to share my passion and experience that I’ve gained over the years with other cosplayers! This is why I am overjoyed to be invited as judge for the cosplay acting competition! I’m incredibly excited to see everyones wonderful creations and hard work come to live on the Abunai! stage! Thanks for having me!

Besides judging, I will also provide a workshop together with @floor_sophie_cosplay on Sunday [11:00, room 58]; D&D: roleplaying for beginners! Have you finally gathered a group of friends and found a date to play dungeon and dragons together, but are you struggling with actually playing your character confidently? Do you have a hard time portraying your character accurately or are you scared to roleplay in front of your friends? We’ve got you covered! Come and check out our workshop for useful tips and tricks to help you out!”

Daeris Cosplay

@Daeriscosplay will judge the Cosplay Act Competition, the Cosplay Hallway Competition and the Cosplay Runway Competition! Would you kindly introduce yourself?

“Hi all! Eline from Daeris Cosplay here. I’m super excited to say I’ll be judging my first Cosplay Runway and Cosplay Act Competitions, and I’ll be returning to the Hallway Competition of this year’s Abunai! Way back in 2014 I first sat behind a sewing machine, made myself a Daenerys dress and never looked back, so here we are! Nine years later, I’m making a lot of historical and theatrical costumes, my current hyperfixations are 18th century and musicals, but I enjoy seeing every type of costume (just don’t ask me about anime characters, I’d be clueless). My childhood dreams even came true, I am doing costume commissions and I am actually working in theatre costuming (currently at Les Misérables, PINCH ME!). If you want to compete on a high level, or just really lowkey (or do I mean… Loki?), do not hesitate to join any of the three cosplay competitions Abunai! has to offer! The Hallway Competition is a walk-in, feel free to drop by any day for some advice or just to say hi.

I will even share some sewing secrets with you in the Sewing 101 lecture. See you at Abunai!”

The Sewing 101 lecture will be held Sunday 14:30 in Parkzaal and trust us, if someone can teach you how to sew, it’s Daeris Cosplay. She’ll take you along a cosplay journey through everything you need to know to get started: the stages of planning and making a costume step by step, easy” and “difficult” fabrics, different stitches on a sewing machine, and other things to take into consideration when you’re sewing a project.

Floor Sophie

@floor_sophie_cosplay will judge the Cosplay Act Competition and the Cosplay Runway Competition! Please allow her to introduce herself in her own words:
“Hi everyone! My name is Floor Sophie also known as @floor_sophie_cosplay on Instagram. I’ve been cosplaying for over seven years. And I’ve been active on social media for six of those years. In these seven years cosplay has become one of my greatest passions. I love bringing characters that I absolutely adore to life and sharing my passion on social media.

Since I’ve started my cosplay journey I’ve constantly been learning and improving my practices when it comes to costuming, makeup and wigs. I think I’ve come a long way but I’m always ready and willing to improve my skills and learn new ones. This year I started giving workshops to share the things I learned over the past seven years with everyone!

Aside from cosplaying I’ve also been active in theater for over 10 years. I think my experience within theater also helps me bring the characters I cosplay to life. My love for theater was also the reason I entered the cosplay acting competition last year at Abunai, which I ended up winning. I’m happy to announce I’m returning this year as a judge. I can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity and hard work! I’m super excited!

On Sunday [11:00, room 58] I’ll be giving a workshop! D&D: Roleplaying for beginners! It’s full of great tips and tricks to help you feel more comfortable with acting and portraying your D&D character. I look forward to seeing you there!”

Ikol Cosplay

@ikol_cosplay is one of the Abunai! 2023 cosplay judges, judging the Cosplay Hallway Competition! Proper introductions are in order:

“Greetings mortals! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ikol Cosplay (for the comic Loki fans among you, yes I stole my name from a bird) and I’m thrilled to be a judge for the Hallway Competition. Being a cosplay judge has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve been cosplaying since the beginning of 2014 when I made my very first Loki for my own birthday party. Now, almost a decade and over 18 Loki variations later, I have my fair share of experience with costume making and competitions (1st at DCC 2016, 3rd at RCC 2018, 2nd at ACC 2018, 1st at ACC 2019 and 2nd at CCH 2023). I’ve worked with worbla, scale mail, latex, wig styling, sewing, foam and paint and made over 70 cosplays (rip wallet) using those skills. I’m super excited to see all your cosplays and would love to talk about fandoms (Atla, Merlin and The Owl House are currently consuming me) and cosplay do’s and don’ts!”