Abunai! 2020 AMV Competitions Now Open For Sign-Ups

Feb 28, 2020 | Contests

Abunai! 2020: The Good, The Bad and The Cheeky will have three AMV competitions and it is now possible to sign up for all of them! A massive shout-out of love to AMV Netherlands, who will help organize all these competitions and quite a few AMV-related events (TBA!). Rabu.

Returning this edition are the AMV Competition and International AMV Competition (the competition formerly known as the Advanced AMV Competition). New? The 18+ AMV Competition. Give us your most risqué AMV in this competition, but please: nothing that is against the Dutch law.

Please note: It is indeed possible to enter our AMV Competition even though tickets are not yet available. Our team will simply contact you after the ticket sale but before the actual convention weekend to verify your ticket.