Female Fronted Metalcore Band FAKE ISLAND to perform at Abunai! 2019

Jul 1, 2019 | Announcements, Music

On Saturday August 24th, the Main Stage of Abunai! will shake to its foundations with the performance of the Japanese female fronted metal band FAKE ISLAND. This show at Abunai! 2019 is part of their first European tour and it will be their first time performing on Dutch grounds.

Active since early 2017, hailing from Tokyo, FAKE ISLAND’s music can be best described as metalcore with two vocalists, Erica and YuuriBjoux. In terms of vocals they are quite the opposite of one another but do also complement each other: one does the growls section, the other the clean vocals. Together with guitarist Matsumoto, drummer Reiji and latest addition bass player Igarashi, the band has been garnering attention in the metal scene in Tokyo. Their next step is the rest of the world.

In September 2017, FAKE ISLAND released their first self-titled mini-album and the band is currently working hard on new music.

FAKE ISLAND will perform on the Abunai! Main Stage on Saturday from 16:00-17:00, and there will be a signing session right after, at the Main Stage from 17:00-18:00. Merchandise will be sold before,during and after the concert, so don’t miss this chance and come witness FAKE ISLAND blast off the roof with their overwhelming and awesome performance at Abunai! 2019! 

For more information on the tour, please visit highfeel.jp.