Abunai! 2018 Ticket and Hotel Room Sale Information Guide

Apr 24, 2018 | Announcements, Hotel Rooms, Ticket Sales

On May 2nd, 20:00 CEST the ticket sale for Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia will start. On this day, the hotel room sale by NH Koningshof will also open. Here’s everything you need to know to make sure you’re prepared to attend the Netherlands’ cheekiest convention.

You wake up at a convention

Abunai! 2018 will be held at NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof, from Friday August 24th until Sunday August 26th. For more information on how to get there, please visit our location page.

Glittering prizes

Once the ticket sale opens, you can buy your ticket through our ticket booth. The ticket prices are as follows:

Day(s) Price Door Price
Friday € 23,- € 33,-
Saturday € 37,- € 47,-
Sunday € 24,- € 34,-
Friday + Saturday € 51,- € 61,-
Saturday + Sunday € 52,- € 62,-
Friday + Sunday € 38,- € 48,-
Friday, Saturday, Sunday (All Weekend) € 55,- € 65,-

Door prices will come in effect two weeks before the start of the convention, starting August 10th. Meaning, you can save €10 by scoring your tickets early!

All your money are belong to NH Koningshof

NH Koningshof only allows rooms to be purchased with a credit card, not through iDeal or Paypal. You do not need a credit card of your own to purchase a room. If you do not own a credit card, you can buy a prepaid credit card such as a Prepaid Mastercard or Money2Go to purchase your room.

The hotel room prices are as follows:

Room Type Price per night,
if you stay
one night (ex. city tax)
Price per night,
if you stay
two nights (ex. city tax)
Single Room € 109,- € 89,-
Single Room, Superior € 134,- € 115,-
Double Room € 120,50 € 105,-
Double Room, Superior € 135,50 € 130,-
Twin Room € 120,50 € 105,-
Twin Room, Superior € 135,50 € 130,-

For more information on how to book a hotel room, using a credit card as payment, please check our NH Koningshof hotel rooms information page. Once the hotel room sale opens, you will find the excel file you can use to book a room on this page. 

Stay Awhile and Listen

We will open a special chat room during the start of the ticket sale. On May 2nd from 20:00 to 21:30 our visitor services team will help you as best as they can with any questions you may have.