Abunai! 2018: What We’re Up To

Jan 31, 2018 | Blog

The last day of January is not too late for best wishes, is it? Hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

Abunai! is currently up and running and we’re working hard to give form to Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia. Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia will be held in the last full weekend of august, from August 24 – 26 at NH Koningshof in Veldhoven. The convention is still a few months away and while we’re looking forward, we’re also looking back on 2017.

A lot changed in 2017. Behind the scenes, we went through a rigorous restructuring. Commissions were reclassified, functions remade and positions installed. Staff members left for new horizons. New staff joined the family. Among them, yours truly.

Mariëlle, getting ready to pilot the PR jaeger.

For those wondering who the mysterious editor behind the “Meet The Abunai! Staff” column was… Now that we’re talking – I suppose it’s time to finally introduce myself properly. Better late than never, right? 

So hi there, I’m Mariëlle. I take care of the content on the website (yes, some pages still need to be rewritten), social media content and comments (with support from visitor services), copywriting, press releases, press and influencer relations. Some internal communication here, most external communication there.

I love it. I cannot stress enough how Abunai! is a foundation run by volunteers. Dedicated, hardworking, passionate folks who devote their spare time (whatever’s left of it) to organizing Abunai! But, it’s all for the greater good: presenting an amazing convention.

We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2017, and we’re gearing up for 2018 with determination in our hearts. 

What can you, dear reader and future visitor, expect from these volunteers in 2018?

Our theme for 2018 is games. Video games, board games, tabletop games, card games… You get the idea. If it’s got ‘game’ somewhere in there, it’s welcome. We always tailor our events to our theme and 2018 is no exception.

Our events commission and our media commission are working hard to prod, plan, and procure interesting parties to attend Abunai! 2018. Some exciting things are in the works, we promise and guarantee you!

Still, we’d love to hear from you if you have any event you’d like to see in particular. Please contact info@abunaicon.nl with the subject line “2018 suggestion” with information on what you’d like Abunai! 2018 to host and why.

On the other side of the staff, our design commission went back to work straight after Abunai! 2017: History in the Making ended – no rest for the wicked lovely! We’ll soon reveal the official 2018 artwork. Here’s a lil’ sneak peek to wetten your appetite:

We’ll also attend YaYcon 2018: Let’s Get Physical and Nishicon 2018: Winter Wonderland for promo purposes. You will find us in the dealerroom with promotional materials and merchandise. I know what you’re going to ask and yes, our famed and beloved Abunaai! condom will also be available for purchase 😉

Abunai! 2018: Tales of Kitsunia ticket sales will also open in the near future. We’ll announce the opening of the sale beforehand, so please keep a close eye on our website and our Abunai! Facebook page.

In addition, we’ll also announce the hotel room sale in the near future. The hotel room sale is handled by NH Koningshof, who make the call when bookings open. Of course, we’ll keep you up-to-date on our channels once we receive more information.

That’s all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a good read. Expect more updates, for we’ll make sure to keep you informed as the story of Abunai! 2018 develops.