Abunai! 2017: History in the Making Opening Movie

Sep 18, 2017 | Uncategorized

At Abunai! 2017: History in the Making past and present met. We brought our visitors a convention honoring Japanese traditions, with classic events of the past. Allow us to take you back to Abunai! 2017 with our master piece of an opening movie. We know how much you enjoy our opening movies for their quality, witty dialogue, outstanding acting, beautiful cast and the dramatic tour de force of the plots.

The movie was first shown during the opening ceremony on Friday. Spinning a tale that traverses the ages, bringing past and present together as an opening act, it set the tone for the rest of our three-day festival. It was also shown during the ending ceremony on Sunday, for those unfortunate enough to miss the first glorious showing of this masterful epic.