A message from the AMV workshop

Aug 21, 2017 | Announcements, competitions, Events

Former winners of the Abunai AMV competition, Liquified (Dylan De Vos) and Kagacie (Nayton Telg) will host an AMV workshop. Two in fact: a one-on-one workshop on Friday and one workshop open for everyone on Saturday.

On Friday 17:00, for the first time ever at Abunai!, one lucky person will get a chance to edit with a professional editor to create their very own video. During this one-on-one workshop they will be working with the highly decorated MarikoAMV.

For 1.5 to 2 hours they will teach you the basics of editing from the very first cut of the clip to the final render. Afterwards your video will be shown at the end of the workshop. This could be the first step towards your editing career!

The one-on-one for Friday will require you to sign up for it as we will pick someone at random. If you wish to sign up for Friday, please send an email to kagacie@gmail.com with the subject “AMV Workshop 2017 (your name)” with the following information:

Anime of choice(preferred top three):
Music of choice (minimum of three options):
Motivation (does not impact the choice, we are simply interested why, this can be left blank):

Of course there will be a extensive library of anime and music already available but in case your pick is not there, we will do our best to obtain it in time.
If you are chosen you will be required to be on location an hour before the start of the workshop, which means on Friday you will have to miss part of the Abunai opening ceremony.

Sign ups are open until Wednesday 24:00.

On Saturday 11:00 they will explain to you what makes a good AMV, best ways to edit them, how to avoid the little mistakes and most importantly how to make your video stand out. They will also hold an anime quiz with cool prizes! Whether you’re new, have been editing for years or simply interested anyone is welcome.

For Saturday Kagacie & Liquified will pick someome from the crowd so if you wish to join on Saturday, swing by!