Welcome to ‘Meet The Abunai! Staff’, a column in which you’ll be introduced to our staff members. Staff members, they’re just like people! We’d love for you to get more acquainted with our dear volunteers and to accomplish this, they graciously agreed to be interviewed after I threatened them. Do yourself a favor and read on to get to know the dazzling Daphne, part of Event’s Culture team. 

Meet Daphne

Name: Daphne   
Age: 27
Height: 1.73
Blood type: It’s a mystery even for me
Abunai! Position: Events – Culture Staff


Tell us a bit about yourself!
Hi all, I am Daphne a staff member of the Abunai! events team, cosplayer, a Corgi mom and I absolutely do not have a plush problem.

Sadly after starting work and getting my corgi pup Happy I  haven’t had so much time to work on new costumes. When I have some time of I often take Happy for a walk in a nice place or we stay at home and play with some water.
What do you like most about (your position at) Abunai?
For me Abunai has always been a fun and relaxed weekend. Now that I am no longer a visitor, the relaxing time is a bit shorter. But all in all it is fun to see you all enjoy the many events we try to organize.

What’s your favorite Abunai! memory?
Every year is fun with friends, but my most favorite moment is probably Abunai!2016. It was the first time ever giving a workshop and I was so happy to see all the creations people made. Last year was a success so this year there will be not 1 but 3 kanzashi workshops, have fun making them 😉

What is your alignment?
Chaotic neutral

Do you prefer weeb or otaku?

If you were a magical girl, what style would your outfit be and what would your power be?
A cute outfit that is not to cute and I like to keep it modest. My powers would be to change into any kind of creature, either existing or fictional, and being able to communicate with them. As a kid I would always dream to change into all kinds of animals.

Playstation, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo?
PC or Nintendo, never had the other consoles :(. Now a days I mainly use my pc.

If you were to write a self-insert fic, to which anime/manga/game would you transport yourself to? And with which character would you start a relationship?
Hmm this is a question I never thought about. Anime en manga I watch or read for the story, it is always fun to see how the characters will develop. As I am playing Final Fantsy 14 at the moment I would want to go insert myself in this awesome game. As for a relationship character there are so many ^_^

Favorite karaoke song? Please note that you (may) have to  sing your answer at the convention 😉
You do not want to hear me sing. You might run away. Also my favorites tend to change often.
If anything it would be the first Pokemon song and please sing it with me. [Editor’s note: Deal.]

If you could Cosplay as anyone regardless of your skill(s), who would you Cosplay as?
That is a hard one. But if I have to choose than it would be a perfect copy of Dark Angel Olivia from Bahamut,  my whole army of Elin characters ^_^, because Elins are cute XD, and as I am getting into playing Final Fantasy online

What are you looking most forward to this Abunai?
That everything will run smoothly and that people enjoy the convention and the workshop I give. Yes I am an idiot for also giving not 1 but 3 workshops together with all my staff work.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Be nice to us and enjoy Abunaicon 2017. One last point do not buy a Corgi just because they are cute. Maybe it’s mine but he can change from angel to devil. So we often call it a gremlin.