Editor’s foreword:
Welcome to ‘Meet The Abunai! Staff’, a column in which you’ll be introduced to our staff members. Staff members, they’re just like people! We’d love for you to get more acquainted with our dear volunteers and to accomplish this, they graciously agreed to be interviewed after I threatened themFirst up is the lovely Esther, part of Events and Cosplay. 

Meet Esther

Name: Lilly / Esther       
Age: 24
Height: uhm I think I was…175? Maybe? idk
Blood type: O+
Abunai! Position: Events / Team Cosplay

Tell us a bit about yourself!
So, uh, I kinda do the CAC and some of the events. This year I might have outdone myself, getting things done such as Budgetstoffen & Sync in one year! Uhm, other than the Abunai! Related stuff; I got a thing for bright colored hair, I got a cat (or princess) named Kikyou. Uhm, I’m quite the creative person when it comes to whelp painting drawing etc. However my sewing skills are…low…However I keep trying though so I guess I am getting better ?!

What do you like most about (your position at) Abunai?
I get to work with a lot of enthousiastic people, especially the event holders and the people who enter at the competitions! Of course the staff is also epic, with it mostly being like one beehive family~!

What’s your favorite Abunai! memory?
Uhm, my first year, I cosplayed as Kanato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers). I was tired and hot due to the weather, so I sat down. Then all the sudden people gathered around me saying I shouldn’t feel down or sad. Funny thing was; It was all the make up, I wasn’t sad just tired haha!

What is your alignment?
Neutral Evil

If you were a magical girl, what style would your outfit be and what would your power be?
Omg, I’m so not at home with this…Probably something offensive power like fire though. I wouldn’t wear skirts or anything 😡 more of a pants type~

Playstation, PC, Xbox, or Nintendo?
Had ‘em all, remained with PC & Playstation tho!

If you were to write a self-insert fic, to which anime/manga/game would you transport yourself to? And with which character would you start a relationship?
Probably…Oeff…depends? I think Hellsing or Boku No Hero Academia…Probably the last one due to my HYPE HYPE HYPE for that anime! HAH relationship? Whelp considering my age and this anime being …whelp kids…I’d definitely go for Hero Killer Stain <3 or….oh wait that would be a spoiler for the anime watchers! -nervous laugh-

Favorite karaoke song? Please note that you (may) have to sing your answer at the convention 😉
😡 I don’t have favorite songs, just troll songs such as chum bedrum (Weird Russian Singer).

If you could Cosplay as anyone regardless of your skill(s), who would you Cosplay as?
Ouch, uhm I guess I already gave myself a big project with my noob skills, namely All Might, I’ll start that up after Abunai 2017! But other than that…maybe…hmm…Bartelomeo or Eustass Kid from One piece…

What are you looking most forward to this Abunai?
To see all my stress and hard work pay off *laughs* and seeing my friends and fellow staff!! Especially the Haikyuu fans though…and the Boku no Hero Academia Cosplayers…If anyone is cosplaying stain you might have a screaming fangirl :x….I’m also the wackjob that screamed and made a small team of Boku no Hero people stand together at Animecon so I could take a picture…haha! Fun times….~ (though I think I scared some of those cosplayers hahaha, I tend to get super hyper when I see characters I like).

Anything else you’d like to share?
I think a lot of people underestimate the work that lies behind any convention, so I’m kind of happy to have seen this side of the convention as well. Other than that I wish I’d somehow get more cosplay / sewing skills haha!