Japone to perform Samurai/Geisha ILLUSION at Abunai! 2017!

Jul 31, 2017 | Announcements, Events

This year Japone has created the show Samurai/Geisha ILLUSION especially for Abunai! 2017!

Japone consists of internationally renowned Japanese artists Utako Arakawa (soprano/Vocals), Ayumi Matsuda (Recorder), Noriko Amano (Keyboard), Makiko Goto (Koto:*She plays only at Abunai!), Kazuma Glen Motomura (Dance), Shinnosuke Fujiwara (Dance) and Hiromi Haneda (Screen image art).

A try-out performance will be held in Haarlem at Seinwezen on August 23rd. For more information, please see Seinwezen’s events agenda.

The show contains many elements of beauty, colors, drama and much more! This spectacular and breathtaking performance contains classic and contemporary music, modern and Japanese traditional dance, Japanese sword combat, theater acting and screen image-animation.

Please enjoy this extraordinary show by Japone at Abunai! 2017!