Cosplay at Abunai! 2017: International Cosplay League Dutch Preliminaries

May 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

In for an international challenge, just not by yourself? Look no further than the International Cosplay League Dutch preliminaries at Abunai! 2017.

The ICL competition comes in two flavours: Solo and Duo. Both competitions are exactly what it says on the tin.

In the Solo Competition you’ll compete all by yourself and be judged solely on your entire costume. Pick some nice music, do your best runway walk, strike a pose, smile and wave.

In the Duo competition it’ll be just the two of you and your act. That’s right, you don’t just gotta look good, you gotta get good! Your costume and act weigh equally in judges’ eyes in the Duo competition.

The Solo Competition preliminaries will be held on Friday August 25th. The Duo Competition preliminaries are held on Saturday 26th. Winners will go on to participate in the International Cosplay League finals in Madrid during Japan Madrid Weekend, which will be held in September.

More information, rules, deadlines and sign up sheets can be found at the International Cosplay League 2017 (Solo) page and the International Cosplay League 2017 (Duo) page.