Japanese classic/contemporary Music, Dance & Screen Image-art show on Saturday 27 August

Jul 23, 2016 | Events, Uncategorized

“ Japone” consists of internationally renowned artists;
Utako Arakawa (Soprano opera singer), Ayumi Matsuda (Recorder player), Makiko Goto (*Koto player ; *Japanese old instrument), Kazuma Glen Motomura (Modern dancer) & Hiromi Haneda (Animator/Illustrator).

The stage show has 3 acts (Act 1; Japonesque / Act 2; Élégie / Act 3; Mirage) with 1 break (total about 2 hours). The show contains many elements of beauty, colors, drama, etc. that will be created with splendid acoustic music including the Japanese old instrument koto, modern dance and screen image-art.

It is a special opportunity to see traditional Japanese classic music performed outside of Japan.

Information about Japone; https://facebook.com/japone.artists/

“Japone is coming to ABUNAI!” Introduction Video:

-Music: Utako Arakawa (Soprano), Ayumi Matsuda (recorder), Makiko Goto (koto).
-Video editing /animation: Hiromi Haneda (Animator/Illustrator)
-Camera work:Jose Mendoza
-Photographs: Jose Mendoza Photography, Akiko Blue Photography, Photography Jørgen Koopmanschap, Teruko Kobayashi (Befine)