AiRI comes to Abunai!

Jun 30, 2016 | Events

Hey everyone! We’ve got a very exciting announcement for you! We’d like to introduce AiRI to you who will be performing at the Abunai! concert this year as our main act.

AiRI started her singing/songwriting career in 2000, then under the moniker „UR@N“. With her energetic singing over grooving J-Rock guitars, she broke into the Bi-shoyo scene, even going as far as singing the title songs for several games and animes, notably of the Gundam franchise.

She adopted her current stage name, AiRI, in 2011. With a fresh name, she started by singing the title track in the anime „30 Sai no Hokentaiku ED“ to critical acclaim. Building on this success, she performed several more anime tracks and released her debut album „Puzzle“ in 2012. The album mixes songs from her time as AiRI and older classics from her time as UR@N.

In February 2012 followed her first live concert, titled „Fly hight butterfly!“. Tickets sold out the same day, and likewise for a follow-up concert on the next. Following the next month, she also recorded the vocals for the song „Kimi to boku wa sokoniita“ for the TV Anime „Mobile Suit Gundam AGE“. For the series spin-off „Gundam Build Fighters“ she performed the ending theme “Imagination>Reality“.

Her second album „Color“ followed in 2013, and „Mirage“ in 2014. 2015 saw the release of the mini album „Smash!!!“ and a slew of live concerts. All the while, she kept adorning anime and game soundtracks with her energetic J-Rock sound

AiRI has never visited or performed in the Netherlands before, so her concert on Dutch soil will be her first, especially for you.  We all hope to see you there to enjoy her music and performance!
Let’s make sure this concert will be one both you and AiRI won’t forget.


AiRI will perform on Saturday night at the main stage.

The concert is FREE for our visitors with a valid Saturday or Weekend ticket.

Check them out below :AiRI_Live01 AiRI_Live02 AiRI_photo