Cosplay Competitions at Abunai!

May 16, 2016 | Events

This year we will have some sweet cosplay competitions for you to participate in. As usual we will have the Cosplay Masquerade: a starter-level competition where you can try if cosplay competitions are something for you! If you don’t want to try it alone, you can also find a partner or a group to enter with.
We have a separate “class” for more advanced competitors, so if you just want to show your costume and you have some experience in cosplaying, you can enter this competition as well. You’ll be judged in a different class from the starters. You can participate solo, as a duo or as a group.

Want to try something more elaborate? Have a go at the Cosplay Act competition. This event focuses on your act and not so much on your costume. So, if you have more confidence in your acting, go for this! Groups (2+ people) are more than welcome in this competition.

If that’s not enough for you and if you want to be judged on the complete package, then we have another challenge for you: try the Clara Clow Cosplay Competition (C4) prelims. Here your act is 60% of your total score and the costumes make up for the other 40%. It is the ultimate challenge! But remember: Abunai! is only the first round. If you win, you’ll be able to participate in the final round against international teams! And you won’t be doing this alone, as this competition is only for teams of 2 people.

This all is nice and stuff, but you don’t have to go on stage to have a chance at winning. The hallway competition will return as well. Just go to the judging room and have a nice talk with the judges, who will ask you some questions and give you the same judging experience as backstage at the other competitions. We have selected special judges for this, so we can say for certain that they don’t bite.

But… What about the European Cosplay (Eurocos) Preliminaries?
The Eurocos organisation decided that they don’t want to have multiple participants from one country anymore from this year on. That is why Abunai! doesn’t have the European Cosplay Preliminaries this year (instead this year’s edition will be hosted at Anime 2016). We’ll keep you updated on next year.