Change in Hotel Room Sales policy

Feb 18, 2016 | Hotel Rooms

Ever since Abunai! changed venues and moved to NH Koningshof we’ve offered accomodations as part of the deal. It made perfect sense too, the convention center hosted a hotel, so why not combine the two and offer accommodations along with your visitor ticket. Initially this only consisted of hotel rooms on the premesis, but later on this was expanded to other NH hotels and even to the neighbouring group accomodation, De Buitenjan.

However this year we’ll make some major changes in this setup, so please make sure to read the message below thoroughly.

Over the years there have been several issues with the hotel room sales; some caused by external factors, other by system problems or human error. More than once has this resulted in a negative experience for both you, the visitor, and us, as convention organisers. This has been a difficult challenge to us for years and we’ve discussed the issue at hand with various different parties and visitors as well and have come to a conclusion in this.

As of this year Abunai! will no longer offer sleeping accomodations for sale in our own online ticket booth. Instead the hotel rooms will be sold directly by the organisation best suited for the job: the hotel itself. We will provide a sign up link on our website which will allow you to place a reservation at NH Koningshof directly. Please be advised that there is no point in contacting the hotel before this link is available and official reservations open. Reservations received before this time will not be processed.
We will book a portion of the hotel before the hotel room sales open for our own crew and affiliated parties, however this is no different from previous years; these people need to be on site because they are needed to help keep the convention running, and they need to stay close by to do so effectively.

We will also no longer be making arrangements for the neighbouring group accomodation De Buitenjan. If you wish to place a reservation here, you will need to contact them

We know that this approach is a major change from previous years but at the same time we feel this is the best route to take. We are still making preparations for this step, so currently we can give no final date yet when both ticket registration and hotel room sales will open. As soon as we have an update on this, we will inform you through our website and social media.
If you have any questions on this, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer them.