Response time during Abunai! 2015

Aug 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

Because most staff members are already at the convention site and busy with the preparations for Abunai! we will not have as much time to answer questions (both forum, facebook/twitter and email questions) from visitors, starting Thursday (27-08-2015). We’ll try, if we find the time, to answer them, but it’s possible we will not be able to respond in time. We thank you for your understanding in this, and… see you at Abunai! 🙂
Please take note that this means that we also won’t be able to assist in changing your registration or part thereof to a new owner. As mentioned in our terms & conditions this is only possible up to a week before the convention.
Most of us will still be cleaning up the convention site on Monday (31-08-2015) so this means we won’t be able to answer your questions normally until Tuesday.
Also a friendly reminder that both Saturday and Sunday tickets are sold out and that those tickets won’t be available at the door.
—> Due to a chance of rain during the weekend, don’t forget to bring an umbrella!