Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2016 (CCCC) preliminaries Sign-ups Open again

Jul 14, 2015 | Uncategorized

So as most of you know we closed the sign-ups for the competitions on the 30th of June. However there has been a small change in plans as starting [Insert date and time] we will open the signups again for Clara Cow Cosplay Cup preliminaries. This because we sadly received a very low amount of sign-ups. It is also quite understandable as it is a new competition and most people were probably still considering competing after AnimeCon or are not entirely sure what the competition is about. So for those who would still like to sign-up you can now do so until July 31st.

For those who are still not quite sure as to what the CCCC actually is the CCCC is an international competition created by Animecon. It had its first edition this year with great success! It is a competition for duo’s and focusses on both the costume and the act. Every genre is welcome at this competition anime, manga, games, comics and so on making it a very diverse competition. And the prize for winning the finals? A trip to Japan for a week!

So what does this have to do with Abunai? Well Abunai is hosting the Dutch preliminaries for 2016 so if you and your cosplay partner would love a chance to compete during a very relaxed and diverse competition with a great prize this is the competition for you!

More information on the rules can be found on the Abunai website and more information about the competition can be found on the AnimeCon website.