Ticket Booth reopens tomorrow

May 29, 2015 | Ticket Sales

Our online ticket booth will reopen tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 o’clock in the afternoon (14:00).

At this moment all sleeping accommodations are reserved and thus we will not be offering a new batch of hotel rooms when the ticket booth reopens. Although we have no plans for it now it’s still possible that a third round of hotel room sales will take place, provided enough rooms free up again (for example through unpaid reservations, double bookings or cancellations).
In case an additional round of sales does take place, we will announce this on our website, however we do not expect this to happen within at least a month; visitors without a hotel room are recommended to look for alternative places to sleep. We have listed some on our site, which can be found here: https:/www.abunaicon.nl/location/sleeping-accommodations/

For people whose hotel room has been cancelled after a payment was made: your refund will be processed this week. Should you not have received your refund by June 9th: please contact us with your registration details so we can investigate the issue.

Due to recent events we’ve also decided to expand the 14 day payment period for open reservations, starting now. That means you’ll get a payment reminder after one week for any unpaid items, and that your order will be cancelled if it is still unpaid after the second week.