Dear people,

Like most of you have already seen, in a matter of minutes the last batch of rooms was sold out. We did encounter some problems and a lot of you also sent us mails and messages regarding these problems. By further inspection, we found out that some people deliberately tried to break and fool our system. This resulted in rooms being given out before the allotted time of 14:00. This of course isn’t fair to anyone, and we are also taking measures against this. While we did notice some suspicious actions by some users before 14:00 (against whom we will take appropriate steps) we can’t determine for certain who (deliberately) bypassed the system and who did not.

In light of this, we have decided that any and all hotel reservations made today (16th of May) in the afternoon will be cancelled. This means that we will appoint a new moment in the near future to acquire a room at Abunai! 2015. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but with this method we hope that we can give everyone a fair chance.

Any and all payments that have been made will be refunded in time. After the refunds have been made, we will decide on a new date for the hotel rooms. In order to resolve this properly we will keep our ticket registration offline for a while longer, but we will post an announcement when we’re ready to reopen.

Please keep an eye on out website and facebook for more information.