Volunteer as Gopher

So you are someone who enjoys watching anime, you have decided that you are going to visit the next Abunai! and you want to help us out. That’s great! Each year we have need of volunteers to help us out at the Abunai! convention. Without volunteers, there would not even be a convention at all! As a volunteer you get some great perks, and you are able to interact with a fun group of people who share the same interest.

Volunteer as Steward

Is helping others something you enjoy? Join the Abunai Steward team. As a steward  you can lend a helping hand to keep the convention nice and enjoyable for all.

Volunteer as Staff

We from the Abunai Foundation are looking for enthusiastic people who want to help the yearly event Abunai! There are many kinds of jobs that need to be done in order to organize an event such as Abunai, and various skills can be put to good use.[:]