Interactive LARP Experience

Our traditional convention is mixed and matched with an interactive live action role-playing experience. Abunai! 2022: The Good, The Bad and The Cheeky gives guests the possibility to become part of an interactive live-action roleplaying experience. This possibility is entirely optional.

Currently in a galaxy not that far away… 

Japan and the Netherlands have tightened their bond. A special bond in the past and ever-so special in the age of space discoveries and adventures on the intergalactic frontier. A joint space colonization program has borne fruit: a nearby deserted planet in our galaxy has been successfully terraformed and made ready for human habitation.

Welcome to DEJIMA Project Plant-117 “King’s Court”. This little frontier town, a unique mix of Dutch and Japanese culture meeting, is your next destination.  

Two suns are scorching the faintly glowing roads paved upon the orange desert sand. Exotic wildlife is roaming free, hunters and farmers awaiting their chance to strike. The mines are open, its ores ready to power persocoms and other technological feats of the near-future. LevRail, hovering shinkansen trains are gearing up to yeet you supersonically to your destination of choice. Outlaws are having fun bothering… everyone, really. Until the sheriff and his deputies show up, that is. Farmers are creating mechas to defend themselves from wildlife and raiders. The town’s main road is bustling with life, its settlers ready to welcome you into their shops, parlours, and of course, the local saloon. Let’s become nakama, visitor-san! 

We are in our heavens, all is well with the galaxy.



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