NH Koningshof Food Coins

There are several dining options available at NH Koningshof, the venue were Abunai! is held. You can only pay for your food and drinks with NH Koningshof coin tokens. This includes the food court, all catering stands, the Abdijbar, and the Maid and Butler Café. You cannot pay at catering stands with card or cash.

You can buy the coins at designated selling points, which are manned by NH Koningshof’s staff. It is possible to use your bank card or cash to pay for the coins.

One (1) Food Coin € 2,75

Half coins are given as change. It is not possible to buy half a coin. 

During and after the convention you can return purchased food coins at NH Koningshof’s coin selling points to get your money back.

Food Court presented by NH Koningshof

Situated in the Diezezaal.
The food court is a central point where you can pick and choose from several stands. There’ll be a stand serving fried snacks such as french fries, beef croquette and kaassoufflés (fun fact: no official English translation exists). If that’s too Dutch for you, head on over to the Japanese food stand where you can get ramen bowls and sushi. In addition, there is also a snack corner (candy bars, potato chips, candy, and noodles) and a sandwich stand (pulled pork or chicken, sausages, beef burger).


Situated in the Diezezaal.
Honkies serves vegan and vegetarian Asian cuisine. They will serve the following dishes: Spicy Tantan ramen, Creamy soy milk ramen, Edamame soy beans, Wasabi chips, Mochi ice cream (strawberry or yuzu flavour).

The Korean Town

Situated in garden by the Limburgfoyer.
The Korean Town serves delicious Korean food. Their menu consists of Korean fried chicken (3 variations), Korean Mandu, Korean Corndog and Mochi ice Cream/ roll ice Cream.

Troy’s Catering

Situated in the Diezezaal.
Troy’s Catering caters to your needs! At Abunai! 2022 they have you covered with an extensive menu, serving the best of Japanese cuisine. They offer your stomach the following options:

  • Yakitori
  • Gyoza (chicken and vegetarian)
  • Kakigori (shaved ice)
  • Japanese style filled crepes
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Takoyaki
  • Taiyaki
  • Bubble tea
  • Yaki soba

Abunai! Presents: Sparkling Potpourri Maid Café

Situated in the Meierijfoyer.
Sparkling Potpourri offers you the unique chance to experience an authentic Japan style maid café right here in the Netherlands! Be served by cute maids in their custom-made Sparkling Potpourri maid uniforms. Their menu consists of cupcakes, chocolate roll cake, Japanese curry, Izakaya (Asian bites) and assorted tea and drinks. Menu items provided by Infinitea. You are also able to purchase their items separately for take-away.

Abunai! Presents: Royal Roulette Butler Café

Situated in the Meierijfoyer.

Royal Roulette is the Netherlands’ one and only Butler Café. Their goal is to give customers, the lovely Princes and Princesses, the full experience of being served delicious food and drinks by your personal butler.

Allow them to guide you to your table, make sure a napkin will protect your finest clothes, let the butlers serve you the most delicious sweets, and make a toast for a visit to remember.