How My Gateway Anime Made Me a Weeb And Now I’m Just BitterThe Official Dutch Meme Cosplayer x Abunai!
In this phenomenal interactive lecture, truly the highlight of Abunai! 2022, The Official Dutch Meme Cosplayer and Abunai! will take you on a dazzling journey through their memories of being an anime fan: from their first anime and Cosplay to being a grizzly old weeb veteran (‘Back in my day I had to torrent new episodes in .avi’). They look forward to sharing their stories and hearing yours! 

3D Printing – Abunai!
Ever wondered what it’s like to own and operate a 3D printer? What pitfalls one can fall into? Where and what to buy? Then look no further. Your host will show you the ropes to get into 3D printing. The Don’ts. The Do’s. The “What were you thinking”s. But instead of telling you, he’ll SHOW you. On a real, live and running 3D printer. 

Additive Tech for Cosplay –
Enhance your cosplay with the high tech art of laser printing! Miniprinten will teach you how to incorporate laser-cutting, CNC-milling and 3D-printing in your cosplay.

Anime Tattoos – @cosmobotic & @seapanda.pokes
Tattoo artists provide insight on inking anime tattoos. They will also show you their work. Feel free to ask them everything you ever wanted to know about getting your own anime tattoo! 

The Barrel’s Basement: What IS Bad Anime? – Abunai!
What makes an anime really bad? That’s the question the host asked himself after wrapping up a series of events in which he had to roast any anime mentioned by a crowd. He then set off on a quest to find the worst anime. Not by opinion, objectively bad. In this “lecture” you’ll be going down a path of failures, misfires and just plain dumpsters on fire. To arrive at the one turd he has found. Come one, come all and be ready to get some giggles as we point and laugh at some of the worst anime ever made.

Beginner’s Guide to Foam Armour – Sqinny Crafts
In this lecture you’ll be introduced to foam armour: what it is, how to make it and how to wear it. 

Bodyshaping in Cosplay – Doll Hunnybee Cosplay
This lecture is all about bodyshaping and using shapewear for cosplay, from fabric shapewear to corsets. You will be giving tips on what shapewear to look for with particular body shapes, in order for you to feel most comfortable with your body. This lecture is for all body sizes and body types.

Con Survival – AkageYuria and LittyTittyCosplay
Everyone knows the struggle: going to a convention can be quite intimidating! Well worry no more, because AkageYuria and LittyTittyCosplay are here teach you all about the ins and outs of conventions and cosplay. Besides sharing their experiences, they’re providing opportunities to make new friends through fun and interactive games! In case this is your first convention and you are bringing a parent and/or caregiver, they are welcome to tag along and ask all the questions they’d like to know all about your new hobby!

Cosplay Acting – Farore Cosplay & AlexisAshnew
Are you thinking about joining the Abunai! Act Competition? Don’t know where to start? We can show you the ropes! From getting in-character on stage to the importance of well-timed multimedia accompanying your act, we can tell you all the ins-and-outs of setting up a spectacular act! 

Cosplay Crafting Happy Hour – Sqinny Crafts
In this work session, you can bring along images of characters you’d like to cosplay. The host(s) and other participants will then discuss different ideas on ways and materials to make said cosplay. 

Cosplay in Japan – Iris Bakker
Lecture on the Cosplay scene in Japan, its rules and traditions and how it differs from the Cosplay scene in the West. 

Cosplay on a Budget – Doll Hunnybee Cosplay
In this lecture you will learn how to cosplay with a tight budget. Doll Hunnybee will show you how to put together a costume with a low budget, using modified cosplay pieces, scraps and cheap materials. Cosplay does not need to be expensive to look good!

Cosplay Planning – Core Focus Photography
Using Scrum principles, Core Focus Photography will teach you how to plan your cosplay effectively. 

Cosplay Propmaking – Pitscrafts
This lecture covers the basics of propmaking: what kind of materials to use, making patterns, priming and painting. 

Cosplay Runway 101 – Abunai!
Are you thinking about joining the Abunai! runway competition, but you don’t know where to start? Here you can get all the insider info! What to prepare for your submission, what is pre-judging and what do you need to look out for? In this lecture you will receive general info about the competition, backstage sneak peeks and more! 

Create Your Own Idolsona – SoLuna Cosplay
In Create Your Idolsona you will be guided through the process of making your own Idol Persona.

Dating Sims – Marie Buesink
Lecture on the dating sim series Diabolik Lovers based on the Bachelor thesisExploring The Diabolical: (Non-)Japanese Consumption Of Violent Romance In Diabolik Lovers’. 

Fan Identity – Daeris Cosplay
Lecture on fan identity and the influence Cosplay has on it. 

Ghost Stories – Een verhaal van Gerard
Late Saturday night, Gerard Jellema will tell you scary stories from Japan.  He has been searching all year for some more ghost stories, and he found them. Old tales, from the 15th and 16th century, but still quite capable of sending a few shivers down your spine… 

Kimono 101 –
A lecture on how to use a Kimono, differences between men and woman. Yukata and Kimono, etiquette and formalities. They will also discuss the ins and outs when it comes to buying your first Kimono, what are the things to look out for? 

Kimono in-Depth – will take a look into the history of the Kimono. How did it change during the centuries and what will the future of the Kimono look like? They will also dive into the meaning of patterns and colors, and how those patterns and colors are made. 

LEDs in your Cosplay – Core Focus Photography
In this  lecture you will learn how how to get the most out of working with LEDs in your cosplay. They will show you how to use LEDs in your outfit and what effects you can create with LEDs (instead of just on/off), explained in a way that anyone can understand. 

NERF Blasters – Abunai!
The host will tell you the do’s and don’ts of foam blasting! From power trains to load-out, from basics to advanced, everything passes the stage. 

Ouran High School Host Club Panel  – RainaCosplay
Have you ever wanted to meet the lovely members of the Ouran High School Host Club? If so, you’re in luck! The club will be attending Abunai! 2022 and will host an interactive lecture to answer all of your burning questions for its members! 

Persona 5 – Dana Peschikova
Lecture on the JRPG Persona 5 based on the Bachelor thesis ‘Life Will Change: Stimuleert de videogame Persona 5 Royal bewustwording onder de jongere generatie als empowerment tegen de bestaande machtsstructuren in de Japanse samenleving?’.

Photography 101 – Core Focus Photography
Always wanted to take better pictures? Know what setting to use instead of the green square (automatic mode)? How to get the best composition? And how to stop fighting with all the other (impossible) settings on your camera? How to simply start taking pictures in the manual mode and get good pictures at the same time? Come and join Core Focus Photography’s  interactive lecture in which you will learn lots of tips and tricks (basically the fun part) in order to take better pictures.

By showing you different examples you’ll be able to easily spot where things can go wrong when taking a picture. No difficult technical talk, just plain and understandable language and lots of examples to help you improve as a photographer. You ask, they help. Don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have, that’s what they’re here for. 

Photographer vs Model – Core Focus Photography
Do you want to learn how to make the most of a photo shoot as either a cosplayer or photographer? At a convention you don’t always have the time to do an extensive photo shoot. You have to be able to set up a shoot quick and easily. You don’t want to look back on a shoot only to conclude that you missed some essential things. How can you make sure you that you end up with amazing photos at the end of a shoot?

During this lecture Core Focus Photography offers you loads of tips and tricks that will help you make every photo shoot successful. Can it really be that easy? Yes. With their tips you can’t go wrong. You can use these tips either as a model or as a photographer. Join this lecture and make every photo shoot into a success.

Sewing 101 – Camilla.cos&Lindaapjecosplay
In this lecture you’ll learn the basics of sewing.

Shibari Theory Session (18+) – Abunai!
Shibari, the Japanese art of tying up a person for aesthetic purposes. Now we wouldn’t be the cheekiest convention if all you wanted to do was watch. Join our theory session where we show and tell you of the creative ways to play with your tied-up model, but also go into safety to make sure all your partner is left with is rosy cheeks and the need to try it again. We will show you the basics in this lecture and explain how to self-check your ties so you can put things into practice right away.

The Stories of Japan – Een verhaal van Gerard
Japan is a land of stories… ancient Shinto legends, Buddhist tales of wisdom, fables of strange creatures like the tanuki and the kitsune, stories of samurai and geisha. Gerard Jellema is a Dutch storyteller with a heart for Japan. He will share some of his best stories of Japan with you. 

Wig Styling 101 – RainaCosplay
This lecture will teach you how to style wigs. Wigs are a big part of your cosplay and styling one can be quite a task if you’re new or never had to chance to learn how!