Other Competitions

Cosplay Lipsync Competition – Cosplay Lipsync Battle Crew
Do you wanna be the very best cosplay lip-syncer? Then here’s your chance! Don your finest cosplay, sync your lips to the song and defeat your rivals! Join this competition to become the very best (like no one ever was).

Please note, in order to participate in this competition, you must sign up! Anyone who’s interested in doing so has several options to choose from, which you will hear after contacting the organisation. You may either head to the organizer’s Facebook site to send them a message or e-mail to clbcompo@outlook.com.

Fandubbing Competition – Fandubfans
Ever wanted to have your favorite anime dubbed with your own voice Do you want to win some amazing prizes? Then the Fandubbing Compo is just what you need to satisfy both needs!

A microphone, basic video editing skills and your own voice is all you required in order to participate in the 5th edition of this competition!

More information, including rules and deadlines, will be made available soon. Visit https://www.facebook.com/fandubfans in the mean time for more details.

Gunpla Speedbuild – PlamoDX
Enter the Gunpla speedbuilding competition by buying a kit and win by moving your fingers faster than the speed of sound. The fastest builder gets a lovely prize (we won’t spoil, but we have a hunch it’s related to Gunpla…).

Please note: you will need to purchase a ticket to participate in this speedbuild, which has limited spots available. You can purchase your ticket through our webshop: https://abunaicon.nl/product-category/gunpla-speedbuild/ 
Remaining tickets will be made available during the convention at the info desk.

Hentai Voice-Over Competition – Abunai!
An event for men and women of culture, here we take a clip from a randomly selected h-series and have teams of contestants provide it with new voice lines. Silly, lewd or just plain wrong, nothing is sacred and anything goes! The ones that makes the audience laugh or cringe the hardest can win a fun prize. There’s no need to sign-up beforehand.

Spicy Noodle Eating Competition – RainaCosplay
Are you a lover of instant noodles? Are your taste buds up for a LOT of spice? Join the Spicy Noodle Eating Contest! If you finish first without the tempting aid of water, the grand prize could be yours.

Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments – Aniplaza
Are you the best Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh player around? Then bring your best deck to Abunai! on Saturday and join the AbunaiCup! The winner will be crowned Abunai Champion 2022, and the best players will win cool prizes!

Are you a starting player, or did you forget to bring a deck? Then you can join the Starter tournaments on Sunday, where all players start with equal chances. The Aniplaza crew will assist you in your game, and the winner will win a nice prize!

Entry for both tournaments is limited, so make sure to register early at the Aniplaza Board & Card Game Corner.